119: Making Money on the Mac

Making Money on the Mac

"One (perhaps unexpected) perk of the shareware distribution model was Ambrosia's games quickly became a communal experience. Friends who shared Ambrosia games often competed with each other over their high scores; Ambrosia would run high-score contests to put people in competition with each other all over the world. People would talk about the awesome games they had."

Pat Miller dissects Ambrosia, one of the other successful Mac developers.

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With a title that reads as "Making Money on the Mac" also comes the question of "Is it worth making games on the Mac?" and "Is it harder than on the PC"?

This article would be class with a follow up where Mac devs share their views on this machine.
Maybe PC devs should be asked their opinion as well first, to see what the Macs think of that.


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