Game Design Friday: The Filler

Game Design Friday: The Filler

Nobody likes zombies - especially not the living. To prevent zombie outbreaks, cemetery owners hire Fillers, individuals who pack suspicious graves with concrete to prevent the undead from rising.


Just further proof that when the zombie apocalypse comes, only gamers will be ready.

Depends on the sort of gamer, Archon. I'm sure you'll have those who get eaten while waiting for their turn to come up or rolling for initiative.

Nonsense. Turn-based wargamers are the most tactically cunning of all!

Interesting. I can see that, without experienced players, it's really just going to be random until both players start to understand each other. And a game where you start off with no ideas of any kinds of strategy always a bit daunting. I like it, though.

The Civil Engineer in me is screaming!

Cement is a grey powder. Pouring cement into a grave would be about as effective as using sugar. Infact sugar might be more useful as the zombie might stop to ear it...

When cement is mixed with water, sand and gravel you have concrete which might be of some use in keeping zombies underground...

On the plus side it seems like an interesting game. I will give it a go next time i have a pack of cards and some spare time... :)


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