Editor's Note: Whole New Door

Whole New Door

Games? Not so much. They are still dealing with the multi-layered system of publisher to distributor to store shelf to user. Seems awfully complicated. ... This week, we illuminate a few of the pitfalls of getting to market and some of the ingenious moves made to bypass those.

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Interesting route to getting the point across. However, I must disagree about the best t-shirt evar, as I find this one to be madly incredible: http://www.snorgtees.com/missing-p-442.html

I definitely giggled at that one, too. And the Santa saying "I did it all for the cookie."

I thought the shirt was pretty funny, as was the Waldo one..

But what really caught my eye was the "beloved/hated" CMS. Is there a CMS that isn't both loved and hated?


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