Review: Hellgate: London

Review: Hellgate: London

With a series of patches and some new video drivers, my own Hellgate experience has gone from borderline broken to just moderately frustrating since release. I still encounter occasional game-crashing memory leaks, infrequent screen lockups triggered by inventory actions, and odd bugs like one that renders fellow party members invisible. But it's getting better, and Flagship has openly acknowledged and expressed a commitment to fix the known problems.

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I've been playing Hellgate since beta, it's got the potential for being a great game, another month in beta and it really would be a fantastic game.

I find hellgate to be okay, a bit broken but it feels very repetitive to me

Well written review. You've nailed it on the head, I am currently in the love/hate range with the game and hope new drivers and patches make the obvious potential of it manifest.

I loved the game when I played it at E3 (2006) and GDC. I am not sure what they did with that game. The one that shipped is broken beyond excuse. I am sure their finances dictated that they release the game before it is ready. It is sad, you never get another chance to impress people with so many good games coming out now days.

Great review.

I will definitely pay for the online features once I upgrade, as it ran absolutely dire on this rig, frequent FPS drops to 1/froze for no apparent reason, I think it's something to do with the exploding barrels/crates, when an AOE is triggered either by grenade or gun.

No yet finished the game but have spent 36 hours on it according to xfire, shame I will loose my single player character if I want to play online, had some great gear and a stupidly powerful sniper rifle.

i think the games mint but i think the random engines went alittle to far, i dont know, theres just something about te enviroments and the way the monsters/deamons what have you are dotted around that plays a tad fake to me. hum not sure i could make a decent case even if i was literate enough, but compare the way stalker places its random baddies to the way hellgate does. i prefer the stalker way.

Why oh why did they use an actual location for their game world? All they got out of using London is the backdrop, the location names and the badly emulated accents and bad attempts at monty python-style humor.

As for the game itself, I couldn't take the repetitive areas for very long. Almost every area I went through was so tight that I didn't need to go look for enemies, I got into their FoA (field of aggro? :) ) whether I wanted to or not. The hit boxes were rather interesting too. I could enter a room, swing my sword and have boxes and zombies about ten game-meters away split in half.

I just canceled my subscription yesterday. The game is certainly not worth subscribing to (you can play for free as well). At the moment you get almost no benefit to being a subscriber other than promises of future stuff.

The quests are the worst part. I have played through and beat every quest in the game and I will tell you with authority that there is not a single quest that is worth remembering. Most quests (90%) are of the "kill x number of y" or "collect x number of trophies" or "kill this boss" variety. One quest has you literally finding "things" off of zombie corpses.

Not to mention the bugs, the challenge is completing quests without one of the bugs hitting you and causing the quest to get stuck (can't finish, can't abandon).

There are other games much more deserving of your money.


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