Zero Punctuation: Clive Barker's Jericho

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Great review!

You should take a shot at Hellgate indeed, and don't spare it. It's the worst.

A fan from the Netherlands :)

Just to chime into the increasingly large pile of annoying nitpickers, the first 3D action game I recall doing the simon-says thing was the Dreamcast Berserk game. Which kicked ass, by the way.

i... liked... the... game... .__.

Eeeexcellent! I played the demo on XBL a week ago and I too found that its easy to start backtracking without realising. I thought the point of 'Next gen' games was to improve on what went before, not caking a game in ass innard colouring to make it 'spooky'.

And that 'possess' feature? It sucks seven kinds of aforementioned ass palette


Well done, even if the amount of Hellgate: London haters here is kind of hilarious.

Also, I kind of laugh at the people suggesting titles for Yahtzee. I remember reading something somewhere where Yahtzee stated that his reviews are either handed to him, or he strikes a deal with the editors to let him review something he wants to, and if he happens to review a game that someone suggested, it's pure coincidence. While I admit that I have a few games I'd like to hear Yahtzee's comments on, the only way I could ever see such a thing is if I decided to pay him for it.


Wait, that's it!

awesome game and review

I actually got pretty far into the game, when it was on Gametap. Then I got stuck at one point...
I looked at a forum walkthrough for the forum. First reply was "Here's what you do. You eject the disc, and you toss it out the window and play something good."

I wholeheartedly thanked him for getting me past that point in the game.

Hey hey hey. Farenheit/Indigo Prophecy's button pressing gameplay worked very well. It's a shame the last third of the game was utter shit, but up to that point it was a masterpiece.
Interactive thrusting during a sex scene was the best use of QTE gameplay ever.

Nowadays Brown = Real..


Awesome review, as always!

Wowwww...Someone saved up a bunch of bile after finding Portal so excellent. Good show. :)

PS: Looks like Psychonauts will be purchasable on Xbox Live after the next fall update. Now I'll finally get to play it.

When I laugh really hard, my whole face locks up and I can't breath or make any noise at all. That happens when I watch any of your reviews. But this was the first time I actually gurgled.

The only thing I don't like about these things is that they only come out once a week. But hey, quality over quantity, right?

So maybe Roger Ebert was right.

Hate to sound even more sad than your 'shenmue' case, but I feel a compulsion to correct THEM. It was FIRST done on Die Hard Arcade, that 3D scrolling beater of about 12 years ago.

I was going to say Dragon's Lair was first, even though it was more point and click with the whole game being a cut scene. But at least in Dragon's Lair it was more fun as you had to frantically move your cursor about the screen to hit all the hot spots in time.

Oh, and may I add that if you really want to see repetitive level design, play PN03. The swirling ass was the only thing that got me through that game.

"I could go on listing the stupid design I will."

XD Brilliant review! The only flaw in this one is that it may make me look at some of the others less happily.

Yay! That's the Yahtzee we know and love - snide, sarcastic and brutally honest. I can't wait for next Wednesday!

Yahtzee you charismatic stallion, you've done it again, great review as always mate.

On a side note, i downloaded your game, i'm quite a Trilby fan so i liked it :)

I so love these reviews, i crack myself up everytime i watch one.

And i'd love to see (and i think you guys too) yahtzee to crank up the volume on Assassins Creed and/or Crysis.
These games (just like halo 3) have been rated so daringly high, yahtzee must be able to find
something hilariousely funny to ramble on about!

Fantastic work Mr.Yahtzee, i have been playing Trilby on my way to work (on my lappy in "tiny tiny eye-strain-o-vision) and enjoying it very much.

Excellent Stuff.

Technically Shenmue didn't start the "simon says press left to not die" moronic mini game...
Dragon Lair was, in fact... that's all dragon slayer was... if you'd even call that a game instead of a choose your own adventure cartoon.

Random note, since Yahtzee sets his bar so high for games, I wonder if he's played or is willing to devote a review to 2 of the old greats that nobody's ever heard of: Starflight and Star Control 2, aka The Ur-Quan Masters...should help build up the necessary bile for another round of proper treatment for poorly-designed games.

Good review

Sadly it seems like all the games that have come out lately are focused on graphics rather then a good story line or fun gameplay. The shiny colours and realistic environments have taken over simple fun games with a good plot or decent (I'm not picky) story, The games that we find generally "Fun".

P.S. looking forward to the Assassins creed review Quote "Yahtzee you charismatic stallion"

Once again I laughed out loud. I've been prescribed this treatment by my physician.

Great review, tell it like it is Yahtzee. I'm guessing the next review will be CoD4 or Hellgate...

yahtzee. you are my god.

oh and why hav'nt you stuck up the original youtube vids on here? or they just for people who spend time browsing your site? [love the life flow chart ^_^]

Is there any chance of dumping the Real networks codec there Yahtzee? It SUCKS.

Very amusing as always.

great review yahtzee (especially the part about the level designs)...

can't wait for a CoD4 or Crysis review :)

Who cares who started the simon says mini-game? Really?

I must say, I was surprised to see Jericho was the choice, but I'm glad it was. That review was awesome. I played the demo, then saw on the GameTrailers review that the demo was basically all there was to the game....and decided no, I would not be playing this. I got it from GameFly and sent it back as it was.

Top notch work there Yahtzee - i had you pegged this week to review COD4. Your Trillby game is good too, quality game that is genuinely challenging. I sure could use a Grolly in my office here. Overtalking co-worker, Zap.

Keep up the good work.

While unlike many of my retarded inbred bretheren who post here I actually LIKE it when you review games you enjoy, it IS nice to see a game so bad it gets the Full Yahtzee.

For some reason I don't get the video now. All I get is the Zero Punctuation logo. Any ideas?

Unfortunately I can't get to fullyramblomatic from work...I NEED MY FIX!

Brilliant as always!

What amuses me most, is the game was published by Codemasters - now I used to work for codemasters as a Programmer (note, the use of past tense) I quickly escaped!

Although this game wasn't developed in house by Codemasters I see their bad design decisions have creeped into the 3rd party!


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Well done yahtzee! Another hilarious review.

Hate to sound even more sad than your 'shenmue' case, but I feel a compulsion to correct THEM. It was FIRST done on Die Hard Arcade, that 3D scrolling beater of about 12 years ago.

To be really pedantic, it's really just an extension of Dragon's Lair. Except, of course, DL didn't have blatant "Press Left To Proceed", just a hint that you had to parse into a movement.

Oh how far games have come in the last twenty-five years, eh?

Definitely on the ball this week, Yahtzee.

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