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Editor's Choice

Each week we publish letters sent to us regarding previous issues. If you'd like to comment on an article, send your letter to [email protected].

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So... who's gonna flame the guy who hates Yahtzee?

No reason to flame him, every person can have an opinion and thats why the Letters to the editor is for, whinnig.

On a 'lighter' note lets burn that damn game reviewrs house down:D

I also don't see a need to flame the guy who dislikes Yahtzee. From reading his letter, he has only ever listened to half of one review. "The reviews of games are all negative." The reviews of Bioshock, The Orange Box and Psychonauts were all positive reviews, so he has already proven his ability to use his fingers more than his mind.

I suppose you could criticise Yahtzee for not having enough talent to dwell as much on the good points of a game as the bad ones. Yahtzee would be (and is) the first to admit he places far much more emphasis on the negative aspects of games and I think it is fair play. It is harder to be as funny when you are not torching something, but it does mean you run the risk of sacrificing neutrality, a typically important characteristic of reviewing.

I'm going to like what I like regardless of whether Jeff thinks I should like it or not.

- Alan


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