8-bit Empire

8-bit Empire

"'I grew up in Berlin. The artists in Germany made a fresh start after the Hitler regime. They thought that if a society that evil came out from the art created before it, then we must invent a new way of thinking and creating.'

"The 26-song album of Game Boy music he released the following year documents the vibe of that time, just a decade after the Berlin wall came down."

Nathan Meunier documents the rise of the 8-bit music scene.


i love this stuff. also, didn't know that the German artists really took to game boy-generated music, cool stuff.

to be honest i think theres alot more japanese digi pop/rock bands who were encorporating a "game" sound into there music before Empire,but either way interesting stuff, n f you like empire check of rabbit junk and the mad capsule markets, i think you'l like.

Cool article.
This is the kind of sound that used to make me want dodge blue and pink crap like crazy, nevermind the style. Still does in fact.


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