Yahtzee Visits Valve, a Travelogue

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Yahtzee Visits Valve, a Travelogue

This week Yahtzee is getting some well-deserved rest, because last week he was in Seattle visiting the offices of Valve. Several days ago, Yahtzee boarded a plane in Australia, headed for the United States, and returned only a few hours ago. Along the way lost some luggage, a little innocence and gained a whole new perspective on life, and what it means to be an American. What follows is his travelogue of the journey.

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You're right - that's a pretty sweet hat.

I was looking foward to this wednesday too :( .. Wednesday is the best day of the week just so i can watch your kickass videos .. but its all good.. ill just wait till next week.

Yahtzee can u plz make a vidya? The current Young and the Restless story arc is boring and I need sumthing 2 do :((((( even if its vidya of you taking a poop or receiving compensation from Jade Raymond FOR buying her gaem... SOMETHINGGGGGG

The "medium is the new small" thing hit a couple years ago, im still not used to it myself.

Am I the only one that could just mentally imagine Yahtzee's voice speeding along while reading the text?

Wendy's is apparently the only fast food restaurant that actually logically offers "Small, Medium, Large".

Of course their small is freaking huge, soooo...

Nice hat, Yahtzee. Glad you survived the Nintendo-given swirlies!

Some places have the decency to call medium "regular".

i'm so gutted. i've been sitting here refreshing waiting for the new video it's one of the few things i look forward to every week (yeah i know im sad lol) oh well hurry back mr yahtzee i need more videos :)

i guess everyone needs a rest some times. that was a good read, but it won't stop me looking forward to next wednesday with heightened eagerness!

We have the "medium" being the smallest here in the UK too but I think it's only with Pizza.

Different to what I was expecting, but a fascinating read all the same! Thanks! Looking forward to the return of ZP next week :-)


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You know you want to!


no i too heard his voice whilst reading LOL. enjoy your rest yahtzee because where hungry for more vids *cracks whip*

does this mean no Zero Punctuation this week?

I enjoyed the read, some of you need to relax lol.

Don't get us americans wrong! we're all fat and stupid and fat. Don't let good experiences with the whose-who-ians cloud the justifiably-negative mindset...

Ah, but Yahtzee, you were on the coast, where we pick up funny foreign habits like courtesy and the logical process. Further inland, you get the people who identify themselves as devout, terrorist-hating Americans, and who identify a bacon burger as the pinnacle of culinary achievement. Funnily enough, the vagaries of the electoral college system means such people get more say about who the next president will be. Shocking, I know.

Phew; and for a second I thought I was going to have to miss that cynicism :)

Mixing up Gabe (right) with yourself was merely trying to see if we are still paying attention, no?

I laughed pretty fucking hard at the last paragraph and woke up my cat. Now the little bastard wants food and attention and love and all sorts of shit I don't feel like giving it at 4:30 AM, so I threw his arse out side. Christ I need some fucking sleep.

McDonald's here in SA still use Small -> large. Naturally confusing employees who never visit a Burger King in years (me).

Hahaha well there went that moment of love for americans. Easy come easy go I suppose.

i was tempted to cry when seeing no video, but i thought screw it'll read. im sorry but a blog?!?! nothing reviewed, nothing slandered and nothing considored, all that happened is that a game company bought your heart to save themselves from a future yahtzee attack, and the only time i smiled was with your end line, no doubt placed for comic effect. urgh, yeah i dont need a video, but i think the most of us have come to expect comedy. sorry to blast you but desearve it. bad yahtzee BAD YAHTZEE. nice hat tho.

Having now seen the Yahtzee, who I thought would remain forever anonymous, isn't it time to update the in-video avatar with a nice goatee beard?

Good log, nice to have time out from ZP videos sometimes and see your perspectives on the gaming world.

Glad to see i am not the only one thinking of his voice rapidly reading the log. Great read my good man, and that is indeed a sweet hat.

Can't wait till next wednesday!

This is like, awesome wrapped in awesome wrapped in an enigma wrapped in awesome.

Edit: Alright, read it. :P Pretty good, and that last line was rofl.

Pretty interesting read, even though - at first - I was disappointed there was no video.

Bah, gotta wait till next Wed.

So, did you ask them what happened to Barney?

Maybe some day in the near future he can come back and video-ize this?

I could certainly see him running over it in his usual style.

Hey Yahtzee, Have you been to Canada? When are you goin to come visit us? ...do you even want to? lol

The last paragraph of this article marks the first time I've laughed out loud at something online in a long while (including, ironically enough, your video reviews... but now my intended compliment is being compromised.)

great to see you out and about, Yahtzee. You should reply to e-mails more, though. o and you haven't lived til you've been to the East Coast. east side what

OMG you're the reason they delayed the latest "Meet the..." video?
You just can't keep that big mouth shut uh?Don't answer that....

I get the impression that invited a load of random games writing people for a few days on a whim. I wonder why...did they ask anyone for a portrait shot and their attack stats by any chance?

"How dare he not take lots of time out of going to America and visiting Valve to make a video, like the ones he has given up time for week after week."


Was a very good read chap, enjoyed it. Nice one on going out there and getting to experience it all. The ending was expected though!

! Have to say that was a surprise, appears you've hit the big time now! I've enjoyed all your reviews so far, and while this isn't as funny, it is fairly interesting. I didn't know Valve was run like that. On a related note, I am somewhat iffy about orange box reviews, since it really should be reviewed as 3 seperate games, and so many are reviewing it together as though it is one, and bumping up the score due to 'value.'

Having been to LA (I'm a brisbane boy normally I guess), i'm surprised you were so nice about the place, I honestly thought I'd stumbled into a 3rd world country when I was there a couple years ago, catching the train from the airport.

Looking forward to future review videos or other adventures.

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