Shoot Club: Night of the Cat, Part Three

Shoot Club: Night of the Cat, Part Three

"If your keyboard is taking up too much room on the desk and he wants to lie there, the keyboard will have to move. The same with any mouse space. Mouse space is prime real estate for cats, because they think it's empty space, and empty space is for lying in, especially if any form of attention is directed to that empty space. Say an open book or a pile of laundry from the dryer. That's where the cat wants to be. It's their way. That's cat physics."

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He's right, you know, cats can carry diseases, just like any other animal.

And BioShock is better than Cortana, but Atlas is better than both.

Well ffs they can carry just as many diseases as any animale - including humans. You dolt. Thats why you take them to the vet every year to get shots and checked out. Yes outdoor cats can carry more diseases than indoor cats but only because of what they could be eating while outside. They can get toxoplasmosis from eating birds, mice or other small animales. Toxoplasmosis is why the doctors tell pregnant women that they cant change the litter box, this toxo is the ONLY reason they tell them to stay away from cat litter. Toxoplasmosis is not an airborne infection and is only transmitted by touching the cats feces and then NOT WASHING YOUR HANDS and touching your mouth or eating something. So its pretty much you have to eat the feces to get it. You have more of a chance of getting Toxoplasmosis by eating uncooked meat or working outside in the soil and not washing your hands. Toxoplasmosis dosent cause miscarriages, it causes birth defects. There is no need to be worried about being around cats while pregnant, as long as you follow proper sanitary habits.

someone needs to kick Douglas and someone needs to slap his wife upside the head for not doing proper research.


Now that all you guys know a little more about pregnancy than im sure you'd ever like to know have a great day. lol ^_^

Nice read & wrap up. Here's hoping for a BioShock sequel (I mean the cat).

There's nothing like lounging in my gaming chair with a sleeping cat on my lap as I shoot zombies, street race, or explore virtual catacombs. They do like a good pause/loading screen though.

- Experienced Gamer/Cat Owner

Jesus Tom, where do you come up with this stuff? I'm jealous of how you so casually integrate things that have nothing to do with gaming into a gaming series.

OK. I stumbled upon the QT3 archives. I wasn't aware you've been writing about Shoot Club since 2000. I will consider it a personal affront if you don't make some type of book out of these. Also, Saving Private Donny was pretty amazing.


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