There and Back Again

There and Back Again

"For rank-and-file developers, lobbying to go to GDC or other learning oriented conferences often becomes an internal battle as people politick their way to be the sole team member to make the trek. It's an even harder sell if the given event is in a particularly remote or exotic location, or raises immediate boondoggle alerts (e.g., the event is in Las Vegas or on a cruise ship)."

Jason Della Rocca dissects the who, what and why of game conventions.


Jason Della Rocca:
I could pack up my bags on New Year's Day and jump from one country/event to the next and not make it home for the following holidays.

I would subscribe to that blog.

Wow.. I didn't know there are gaming expos going on all that often. Personally, I would never dream of visiting one. Sure, I love hearing reports from them, but the expos are just way too hectic for me, and the other stuff just doesn't suit my taste. A LAN party is nice, but anything else just doesn't work for me.
But really, in Ghana? Did you end up going? How was the scene there?


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