126: Holiday Rush

Holiday Rush

"'It's one of those things where people tend to go and crunch a lot of numbers and say, 'Look at all these games that sold in the month of November. We must put our game in the month of November, because that is where all the games sold,"' Kramer says. 'Well, no, the fact is, in July and August, only crap came out, so no one went and bought any games because there was only third-string licensed titles coming out for Game Boy Advance.' In other words, the last quarter of the year sees 50 to 60 percent of the year's industry revenues because that's when 50 to 60 percent of the good games come out. If those same games came out at different times, they'd probably sell just as well, if not better."

Kyle Orland unwraps the holiday rush.


After just reading the last comment thread about how the holiday season starts earlier and earlier, I had to chuckle at this quote (emphasis mine):

"By shipping in August, which is typically before the official holiday rush, gamers worldwide were consumed by BioShock's awesomeness - partly because it is an amazing game that had great reviews and word of mouth, but also partly because they had the time without so many other distractions to fully let themselves experience it."


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