Zero Punctuation: Mass Effect

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Mass Effect

This week on Zero Punctuation, Mass Effect.

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Ah, just what I thought, another great review Yahtzee!

Wookiee, two e's.

Great review! I was thinking you'd have to review Mass Effect sooner or later!


Mass Effect, knew it :D

You fit more words in a single weekly installment then most games, stop complaining.

are you people happy now?

It took a while but it delivered the crush I was hoping for. I've never been convinced by this game, maybe that's just me being a JRPG loving fag though.

I quite like Mass Effect and I wasn't really bothered by any of the things you mentioned.
Strangely enough, I absolutely hated KotOR.

Yeah, don't worry Yahtzee, you didn't miss much on the side quests. They keep reusing the same battle areas over and over again. There are a couple of unique ones, but it is pretty rare. Anyways, I loved the game just because it reminded me so much of KOTOR. Since I know how much you wanted to be evil in Fable, were you renegade? There are some actually funny scenes with some of the renegade responses. And you were lucky if you didn't come across the vast number of glitches in the game. That was what annoyed me more than anything else.

Fantastic review. Xmas will probably get in your way next week. Another reason to hate that bloody holyday .. I thought I had most of them down by now.

Sheez, Yahtzee, you really DON'T like RPGs...

Was this better than Super Paper Mario though?

I'm a great fan of BioWare and as I don't own a 360 I've been hoping for a PC port of Mass Effect since day one, yet even with my RPG fanaticism strongly intact, your dislike of B^Uckley has driven me madly in love with you.

I started laughing as soon as the A Little Less Conversation started playing. Great music pick for this one.

Bravo. This game seemed a bit overrated to me and I like RPGs.

Sounds like I'll like it then. Not only am I a sucker (clarification: not gay) for the virtual boobies, but any game where there's incremental improvements in the characters abilities through repetitive action really floats my boat. This is probably why I'm a programmer.

are you people happy now?

No, I wanted an oblivion review D: ... na, i'm happy with anything he chucks at us.

If there's one game to cause the red ring of death on your 360, its mass effect obsession.
I get the feeling he enjoyed this game too much so had to bring out the thesaurus to find the right words. As usual though great metaphores and some very nitty picking.
I'm sure he prefered it over halo 3!

I don't know if I'm just in a good mood or if this was really one of the funniest ZPs to date. :-D

Great review, and excellent hate of CtrlAltDel, that guy really needs help with the removal of his head from his arse.

I dont know I wasnt rolling on the floor until "MASS ERECT" came up and love toothpaste had been said. I like mass effect and I am sure not insulted by what somebody says on the internet over A: a game I like B: a game I have or C: go check out the gamespot forums youll see my point like a big fat whore jumping out of your screen and face sitting you to death.
Overall it was entertaining but if I had to choose this is my least favorite one.

don't be cruel about ctrl+alt+del, it is the best webcomic ever, and also I fail to see how yahtzee can complain about too much dialogue considering how much of it there was in art of theft

don't be cruel about ctrl+alt+del, it is the best webcomic ever


You know what annoys me about these reviews it's not Yazthee at all it's the fact when the videos end your greeted with a random advert for a product most people will never be able to buy outside of America. If you don't pause it at the end your find it hard to go back to watch it again.

David Cat:
I fail to see how yahtzee can complain about too much dialogue considering how much of it there was in art of theft

There wasn't any dialogue in Art of Theft.

And i totally agree about webcomics, they can't really be that funny if it takes 10 minutes to get to the punchline. And it usually isn't that funny.

Art of Theft has all skippable dialogue and Trilby is one of the more refreshing characters I've seen in games, all told.

Seems like he skipped over some of the more glaring issues that I've seen in the game. The texture popping is increasingly annoying, the elevators are arduous and skipping the side quests meant we missed out on the fact that the same 4 buildings make up every structure in the fucking galaxy. Fortunately they decorate with different sets of giant boxes from time to time. The game is also bad at handling some of its own niftiness, for example sometimes when you get hit by biotics it throws you into places you can't get out of without reseting the game, even if it just meant you had to pull yourself up 3 feet...

The good/evil choice you get with this game seems to at least have a bit more middle ground than the Mother Teresa or Hitler angles of Bioshock at least. While there is quite a bit of dialog, all of it is spoken including half the journal he was talking about so you can just listen to most of the writing. The voice acting isn't horrible.

Another question is why are the humans the only species in the galaxy with both male and female genders? Granted the thought of a female Krogan is a bit frightening, still it seemed kinda odd because they implied that only one of the races was single gendered.


don't be cruel about ctrl+alt+del, it is the best webcomic ever


Oh wow that is great. I know a guy who loves CAD, and he definitely qualifies as a self-important retard.

Satisfying, but now that we all ought to know Yahtzee's leanings when it comes to games and what's supposed to make them fun, I wasn't surprised at all. But well done anyway.

He shows Planescape Torment and the complains about dialogue? Although PS;T did have the best dialogue of any game.

Was that an ogre fish in this week's episode? God, I hate those things.

Ack well, the review made up for the horrible image of what I can imagine my death will involve.

I wonder if it is possible to make an RPG that Yahtzee could like. Play as a socially challenged misanthrope. Use special abilities to channel your rage into non-violent activities in order to avoid behavior that would get you thrown in prison. Obtain and equip over 300 witty remarks and devastating comebacks. Learn to summon your disgust, and ultimately choose not to save the world because, you know. . . screw 'em.

Ashley Williams is the full name of Bruce Campbell's character out of Army of Darkness. As cool as that character is and the possiblility of it being a hommage to Army of Darkness, doinking the female version of a cool guy action star is not what I want to be doing in a game. I guess if your a real die hard fan you can screw the female version of Bruce Campbells iconic character but you may want to check yourself into a psych ward.

I liked Mass Effect, and I think you do lose a fair bit not doing the side quests. However, I am impressed that Yahtzee actually took the time to point out that he didn't do the side quests. However, I am always a sucker for story, so if you aren't interested in story I could see it being tedious.

Great Roast!

Didn't much care for the game so it's nice to hear someone else say the kinds of things I felt about the game. The dialog in general felt gratuitous, after a few conversations I just got tried of listening to everyone ramble on and wish they'd spent all that time making more content for the game instead of voice acting.

Open galaxy to explore my ass. There are a handful of planets you can land on and at best there are some enemies to kill. If it's not directly related to the storyline the planet seems to be a cookie cutter area slapped together with some glue and random stuff sitting around.

And without the animated video sequences there is really nothing involving space in this game. You can tell your ship where to go but it's basically a fancy loading screen, you can't control your ship in space, you only get control of your character once you've docked and been dropped on a planet. Some of the storyline levels are great but I never felt like I was in space, just magically transported from planet to planet.

I was hoping for more...

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