129: Fansy The Famous Bard

Fansy The Famous Bard

"Of course, Fansy wasn't just a Bard; he was a level five Bard. According to the hard-coded game mechanics, he wasn't yet eligible for PvP combat, but monsters didn't care about player level. ... It was glorious. I was invulnerable and could kill anyone. It was a great feeling. I giggled the entire time and rolled around in my underwear. That's how God must feel when he kills people.'"

Alan Au speaks to Fansy the Famous Bard, the player who broke EverQuest.

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What a great man! I wish I played EQ during his glorious reign.

I don't like or play MMOG's, or whatever they're called, but that guys a legend.

Don't tell me that WoW episode of South Park is based on you though, is it? It might be completely different and I'm not that familiar with MMOG's, but that would be awesome.

Thinking outside the box, it's still happens every once in a while untill the next patch when it's nerfed. Was a nice read.

Aw, I remember that guy. Not personally, of course - I haven't played EQ, but I've read his glorious story a number of times in the past.

Heh. Heheh. Things like this make MMOs fun.


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