Best Of The Worst Of

Best Of The Worst Of

Playing them felt like coming home to the smell of hot apple pie and the sight of a beautiful woman wearing an apron and a smile, with a drink in one hand and the other free to … take my coat. The exception was Kane & Lynch.

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"The worst dressed videogame character of 2007 was the Weighted Companion Cube. Seriously, how many pink hearts do you need?"


6 is the exact right number of pink hearts in my opinion

Funny thing is this is possibly the first bad thing said about portal

Master Chief is easily the worst dressed character in my opinion. Green is so 3 years ago.

I like the new Simpsons game. =/

Was Kane & Lynch really that bad though? I haven't played it, but I think I'm going to give it a rent. Couple of reasons:

1) I didn't buy into the hype, and I wasn't expecting this to be a great game.
2) Its made by competent people (see Hitman).
3) The demo didn't put me off it completely. Sure it was pretty basic combat, but wasn't entirely broken or anything.
4) With the amount of amazing games out in the last few months, this was bound to be a little crap in comparison. But perhaps not so crap on its own?

Seems to me like the level of sheer disapointment, as a result of hype, has lead to this game being labelled as one of the worst games of the year, when it's simply an average game which people got a little too excited about. I'll have to play it to give any decent opinion, of course.

Hmm, i found both MOH: Airborne and the recent Kane & Lynch Demo enjoyable. Not great by any means, but certainly not as desastrous as Vampire Rain or as Boring as yet-another-DW-Title-now-with-robots !

That said, Kane & Lynch was still a huge disappointment (i think the game just gets a hard time by reviewers and gamers because it once seemed like the best thing since sliced bread), but Airborne was good beyond my expectations.

I've won the Game and thought "meh, another WW2 Game" but although the Parachuting was Gimmicky and the Respawns of the enemies almost painful, i think it looked very good, had a great system for going into cover and for sniping, and was overall a decent first person shooter.

And since i'm German, i am already used to all Nazis sounding like Jürgen Prochnow ^^. (Have you ever realised that in most american Movies, there are no fat, small or very ugly Nazis? Was always a bit strange for me)

The biggest disappointment for me has been Hellgate: London. I somehow expected more than Diablo loot tables with a layer of Kill/Collect Quests on top. I bought it, played it for about a week, and haven't touched it since. No way am I enticed to actually pay a subscription fee.

Hellgate: London has a subscription fee? Why do game developers/publishers do this? People don't like to pay to play a game they've already spent money on buying!
Anyway, for me, the worst game I did play is... I'm not sure, I haven't played any games I haven't enjoyed this year! The one I least enjoyed was probably the demo of NBA 08 that EA put on the PS Store.
Worst game I didn't play was Halo 3, the most overrated, overhyped nonsense that I've ever seen (apart from Halo 1 and 2). It disguises it's generic gameplay both on and offline with lots of badly thought through features like Forge.
Most dissapointing game is probably Super Mario Galaxy, if only for the fact that I can't play it without buying a Wii.

Not to say "I told you so" (because I didn't), but I never thought great things of K&L or MoH:A. The two (especially K&L) did not seem that interesting or innovative to me from what little I had seen, and therefore I was not surprised when they turned out mediocre. Can someone enlighten me as to why such great things were expected from these games?

Now, if I may add my "Worst Disappointment" to the list:


There, I said it. You may commence the rock-throwing.
Not that Portal is a bad game. It's not. It's a nice little game. It has portals (but so does Prey), it has physics puzzles (but so does N), it combines them in neat ways and it even has cake.
However, given the (insert exaggerated adjective here) reviews, previews and hype I read before playing it, I was disappointed. I had a good time (and some cake), loved the ending song ("Still Alive") but it did not rock my world, it did not make me experience anything I had never encountered before, it was not the holy grail of gaming it was made out to be. It wasn't more amusing than Psychonauts. It was too short.


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