131: Like Calls to Like

Like Calls to Like

"As the years slipped by, children were born and the makeup of the group changed, as friends moved away and others moved in. ... We refocused on meeting once to twice a week, and children were taught to sleep regardless of whose house they were visiting, and not to eat the dice (though one father did fish a D6 out of a diaper) or the Magic cards, and the gaming went on."

Jana Stocks chronicles the adventures of a group of friends who've grown up gaming.


Your story is awesome to me, as I sincerely hope that I'll be able to maintain my gaming hobby with such a group in the future.
So far it seems that my gaming buddies have split up: some only play computer games now, some have quit playing, stating Having Babies as some sort of excuse and others just moved away. I hope I'll have such a group of friends and playmates as you have.

My life in gaming has been quite similar to that of the author in many respects.

Interestingly, though, my daughter (now 6) doesn't see herself as a gamer. She loves her Leapster and playing web games and board games and roleplaying games are probably her favourite passtime... but she sees gaming as mainstream and in the playground she is one of the cool kids.

I think maybe times have changed.

I definitely relate, while I don't have a bunch of gaming buddies right now, I really spent a lot of time playing tabletop RPGs and Wargames.

I miss not having that group. Jay, Julie, Jonnalyhn, John P, and several others. We didn't get alot of sleep, but we had a blast.

Awesome! A great read. I look forward to more. Why didn't you ever make ME a cake?

I cast "Magic Missile" at the darkness ;)

Heh...the cake is a new thing. Started this last year with a battlemap cake. Now we're talking about trifle in the shape of a D4. Glad the article was enjoyed!


Absolutely FANTASTIC article. A wonderful look at gaming the way It should be. No exclusions, no exeptions. I hope I get into the same nursing home as you. I'll even install the network ^.^

I call the rocker recliner! :)

Seriously, Jana...you're who I want to be when I grow up. (I'm only 40...don't rush me)

I've got a couple of little gamergeeks myself, including the only 7 year old that can name all the Jedi AND explain why Aquaman sucks, all while grinding mobs in CoH.

Dammit. I've gotta move...I'm an island of gamerdom in a sea of Mississippi. Sigh.

Again...great piece!

Thanks. Not that I plan on growing up anytime soon. :)

My step sons are StarWars Lego fanatics and the oldest and I spent about an hour and a half discussing the origins of Marvel superheroes over Christmas. It's how it should be.

And you can have the rocker recliner. I want the over sized beanbags. I just may require help to get up!

Oh...and the latest discussion...how to make a D4 shaped container for serving trifle. The cake may be a lie, but trifle is forever.


Talk about an overload of nostalgia. I've moved around a lot in live and thus passed through many different groups. So much of what you've mentioned as been an integral and happy part of my life growing up, and I am still immersed as deeply as my sanity will allow. Things are more difficult as an adult, friends are further away, free time is harder to acquire, but I totally admire the bond you and yours have formed and I only hope I can emulate it with my friends and loved ones so completely some day.

As is, my partner plays shoulder to shoulder with me every day. During dinner we discuss the direction of the gaming industry and Christmas saw to matching gaming computers. We retired our old computers to the guest room and now enjoy a LAN which serves as yet another excuse to share our home with visiting gamers. It's not the same as when we were younger, and groups were easier to see and stick together with, but it's good in it's own way.

It's a charmed life, and one with much enjoyment. Please continue to run your group ad infinitum, it is an inspiration to us all.


I reckon it would be fantastic to live in an all-gamer house. Just imagine the entertainment set-up.

You could draw up a rota for who buys what games.

Fun article. I have to say, I think I'm a bit jealous of the setup and closeness that you guys have! But it's something that I've seen play out again and again and again... friends have to stick together, no matter how much we "grow up", right?

Also, this:

We figure another 40 years or so and we'll all be committed to the same rest home where we will demand a fully networked game room where we can sit around in our comfy rockers with large print RPG manuals and roll for initiative while gumming our Cheetos and Mountain Dew. Shouldn't every gamer have it so good?

Had me paralyzed with laughter for a few moments. I think it's the gumming Cheetos part...


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