Games are Addicting: Your Mama

Games are Addicting: Your Mama

If I'd ever gone to an AA meeting, I'd know which step this was; the one where you accept your problem, but still don't care. But I haven't, so I don't. But that's where I am. I know I'm not just doing it to relax, I know I can't quit any time and I know it's going to suck me down into a nether region of my own devising and leave me a tortured, empty shell of a man. And yet I don't care.

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Have you had sex recently?

I'd rather live in sweet, sweet denial, thanks.

I know the feeling of wanting to get home to play a game, or perhaps read a book. I lead a great life: I get paid to do what I love, to talk to amazing people and experience some of the best culture western civilisation has to offer. I have a loving partner, and numerous, highly-rewarding creative outlets. But I just feel that much better if I know I have a compelling game waiting for me at home. Life seems rosier if I know I can escape it at any time.

<-Peggle Grand Master

(I think that speaks for itself)

"Hello, my name is Carlos, and I'm a level 54 Night Elf Druid"

Don't worry, Russ- I'm stuck at step 1 as well, and I'm still loving every minute of it.

Is it me or are writers giving their own version of 'I'm addicted to games' when they find nothing to write about?

Don't get me wrong, good article, and good description of Puzzle Quest and your addiction to it; i have the same thing for CS:S and HAVE to play everyday; sleep suffers and the first hours of office-work are zombie-ish at best.

but c'mon!!!

Nice read... but after all I am sure endorfins are somehow released when playing games too.

Couldn't agree with you more; living a sterile life isn't anything but rewarding.

This whole article is like one great, big "justification" of your time spent playing this game.

Though I should say that I know exactly what you're talking about; a few weeks ago, I downloaded Puzzle Quest onto my 360, and if the damn thing hadn't red ring'd last week, I'd be playing it right now....


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