What's Actually Good (In Comics) #2

What's Actually Good (In Comics) #2

Welcome to What's Actually Good (In Comics), the column where we review and discuss what's currently out and what's to come from the comic industry. This week, a theme! The books we shall be discussing are each based on Homeric poetry and the Greek myths. Check it out!

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well at least this time the heroes will notuse colorouful tighs, hehe, pitfully i dont know about a place that sells comics where i live

not to get off of the subject or piss you guys off or anything, but you should check out g4tv.com and go to "fresh ink" this chick blair butler reviews comics weekly. the big boys, indies, and anything in-between. she's very good and provides great insight into anything you may or may not have been wondering about. there's a new title out called "pax romana"about the roman catholic church that sends... i guess agents back in time to create a history that would be more favorable to catholicism in the future... anyway, just check her out before you decide to reply with a "fuck you" or don't, whatever.

Yeah Pax Romana is on the top of my list as well. Jonathan Hickman's earlier work The Nightly News is completly unique. Theres so many reviews blogs out there I prefer to pick the titles I look at very carefully and only the ones that I think deserve a look at. And sadly I don't have the space to take on every aspect of the industry. Although I think you will find there will be some discussion of news and rumors coming up soon as well.

As for Mr Broadband there are a few websites that will allow you to get online subscriptions. I know that Marvel run it from their site and DC probably do the same. Otherwise there are other ones for most titles such as http://www.mailordercomics.com/ just to name one. It would pay to shop around until you find something you like.

In a discussion of epic comics, I'm surprised that you didn't mention Frank Miller's 300, but perhaps since the movement it's assumed that everyone has read it.

In any event, your recommendations sounded good.

I'd be interested in your thoughts on gritty, post-modern superhero comics, i.e. The Authority, Wild Cards, and so on. There's so many titles I can't tell which are good and which are just 4-color with cooler outfits.

Yeah Millers's 300 I think has more than enough people buying it nowadays. Does not need a good review from me to help it. Also that story is way beyond Homeric myth anyway. It is, well, history.

If you would like a quick list of Superhero grit from me I would recommend The Authority from Warren Ellis till the end of Mark Millar's run. Also his Planetary is brilliant if you want to break away from the traditional spandex hero book. I would also suggest Supreme Power from JMS and Rising Stars.

Next fortnight I will be looking at JMS's The Twelve which is a 1940s mystery men turned modern superheroes story. Much like Captain America, Golden Age characters are always fun to pick up and dump into todays world.

Dominic Davies:
Also, Leph Loeb finally admitted that he is a troglodyte and said, "Plot doesn't interest me as much as character does." I want you all to know I called it first.

I can't tell from your tone; are you joking or is that supposed to be a shot at his work?

I mean, isn't a character-driven story a good thing? Personally, I've never regretted purchasing any of Loeb's work, especially the collaborations with Tim Sale. Batman: The Long Halloween and Dark Victory, Hush (w/ Jim Lee), Superman For All Seasons, Superman/Batman, Spider-Man: Blue, Daredevil: Yellow, Hulk: Gray... my pile of Loeb trades has been used to bait many an unsuspecting friend into uncontrollable comic book addiction.

Admittedly, I haven't read a lot of his more recent stuff, but has there really been that much of a turn-around?

Or I read your comment entirely wrong, and hence this should be disregarded... except for that list up there. If you haven't read them, you're dead to me.

It was a crack at Loeb. While his earlier stuff was great, pretty much what you mentioned there (although I maintain that Hush was completly ordinary), now a days I find that his books carry more on the always awesome artists that he is assigned and not the merit of his writing. Personally I think his writing from Hush on is horrible and that he is one of the most overrated writers today. Superman/Batman was terrible. Wolverine was a disaster and his new Ultimates and Hulk books have all but ruined for me the great stories that came before them. Note that in each one of these books he had an amazing artist. So they sold anyway.

Character should serve the plot, yes. He seems to think that he can actually do this, but he is no Sophocles (allow me to stay with the ancient Greeks) and I think his stories need much more work structurally to deserve the praise that he gets. I mean common, Hush was far more a whose who of the Batman world than an actual mystery thriller. Each issue was merely an excuse for him to fight somebody new and not really a part of a wider tale.

Heh I have read those books, of course I have. I have Spiderman: Blue on my wall, because I would marry Tim Sale.

Now normally I wouldn't say this to anybody. But if you don't believe me, read some of the recent stuff I suggested. Oh yeah, he did that Onslaught Reborn thing as well.

I've got to agree with Dominic on this one. I loved Loeb's earlier stuff, and i actually enjoyed Hush but on re reading that i have discovered the art hellped that story alot. It's not so much that he is a terrible writer, it's just that he isn't talented enough to write the stories he has been given. Give him a terrible artist to work with and he wouldn't have a career.

JMS next week? now that man writes an epic story... i may have to hunt this down.

Oh God... he did Onslaught Reborn?

I didn't read it, but I did regard it disdainfully from a safe distance.

Suddenly, Archon realized that HE was the blind man in the land of the one-eyed.

"Uh...who's Leph Loeb?"

Out of curiosity, is anyone here a comics writer?

Heh, his name is Jeph, somehow I hit the 'L' key instead of the 'J'. I suppose they are close together.

Tapok I do some editing and scripting for one of the indy publishers here in my home city in Australia. The indy scene down here needs all the help it can get.

Well done once again! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the pointers to those books.

Also to hailmagus for pointing out the g4tv comic spotlight. That'll make keeping up a lot easier for me in my comic news deprived surroundings.


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