133: Power to the People

Power to the People

"It's got to the point now where I feel naked without a phone, MP3 player, camera, PDA, flashlight, radio, wireless headset and a complete backup of my essential files, company accounts, music and a couple of series of Star Trek. This kit can be thinned down if it's just a trip to the shops for a pint of milk or a copy of What Technological Baggage Monthly, but any kind of extended excursion (being an hour or more away from the desk) requires a full personal network of electronic paraphernalia."

And all those gadgets need power. Spanner explains how he keeps his personal area network juiced, and how he hopes to in the future.


If i could get one i would far far far rather have an old nokia phone. Something you can take away with you on holiday and not worry about having to charge. Something you can drop kick across a concrete car park and not give a damn.

Who the hell actually WANTS a shitty camara, colour games, huge screens, or two huge screens as seems to be becoming popular now?

I seem to have to charge my phone every other day and i only talk on the damn thing for 2 hours a day...

If i was working and not at uni i wouldn't stand for it.

Give me an ASUS EEE with a 9" screen and stuff everything else. I don't want PC features on a tiny device, i want PC features on a small affordable light PC and a phone to be a phone.

Also if i buy one more piece of electronics with a proprietary connection device i will SCREAM! At least my phone just has a small USB connector. But my camera and mp3 player both have USB to "some random connector we made". My sony camara requires a special charger unit to charge its special battery.

Its all true all i want is a all in one unit that does everythign i want but battery life >>> functionality.

A phone that lasts 4 hours is useless. The fact thats it does everything a 486 can do makes no difference its still useless as a phone and therefore useless...


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