What's Actually Good (In Comics) #3

What's Actually Good (In Comics) #3

Welcome to What's Actually Good (In Comics), the column where I look at what's currently out and what soon to hit the shelves, as well as a bit of news on the side to push up the word count. In this issue, I manage to spell J. Michael Straczynski's name right in a review of his newest book, The Twelve, and rant about David Lapham's brilliant indie work instead of the book I am supposed to be looking at. What the hell am I talking about? Stick around, heroes, and find out!


This proves it, Jessica Fletcher and Aunt May are one and the same!

Yet again, well done.

Thanks, I will hopefully be including more interesting news and rumors in later issues, and try to make the writing a little snappier with a few more jokes over time as I find my groove.

The Twelve definitely sounds interesting. Thanks for the recommendation!

Same here, gotta check Twelve out.

It's hard waiting for The Last 'Y' trade... Man...


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