135: Confusion on Infinite (Virtual) Worlds

Confusion on Infinite (Virtual) Worlds

"Alvin Toffler, the futurist, told us this would happen. He predicted that post-industrial societies would fragment into numerous subcultures based on their own niche lifestyles. He was right. Some of those subcultures' lifestyles are lived on virtual worlds orbiting television series like suns."

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You've gotta love expanded universes.

"The virtual world might, at that point, reach a degree of popular consensus that a revolution occurs, and the creators of the seminal work can no longer declare or decide official canon."

I can't think of an example where this occurred. Besides, in the world we live in, the creator has the power on their side: the companies with their wealth and influence; the law with its authority and intransigence. We all know "Hans Shot First" but that hasn't made it canon.

If it's not a question of power or control, but one of what's right, should the audience's wishes still trump that of the author? And when should the author become just another member of the community? JK waited until the series was done and dusted to announce that Dumbledore was gay... Most of the readers will never know anyway.

Gosh, I know up front I am gonna sound like a major tool here , but with that in mind...I'm not sure what your 3-page column is suppose to point out.

That people like to pretend they are part of a parallel existence because either: a) they are bored at work and looking for something to fill their otherwise idle time, b) enjoy feeling being part of another social club.

People have been role-playing for years, even before the advent of cyberspace. So again, not sure what you're driving at or pointing out that is new or groundbreaking.

True, could be the reason to Fermi's Paradox. Sentient beings around the Universe create so many "miniverses" themselves that they become self absordbed in thier own world and therefore have no need to find others.

If we can create infinite possibility with our imaginations then why must we look toward other worlds to feed our curiousity?


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