Burnout: Paradise Lost and Found

Burnout: Paradise Lost and Found

In Burnout: Paradise you have access to a vast network of intertwined roadways from the moment your engine sputters to life. There are no invisible walls or locked gates. There are no loading screens ... It's a fantastic place to explore.


Adam LaMosca:
But even a smartly reworked franchise is going to make everyone happy; it shouldn't have to. Games that try to be all things to all gamers ultimately end up bland and boring. One need look no further than the post-Medal of Honor proliferation of dull WWII shooters with obligatory multiplayer components to see where that kind of thinking gets us. And, conversely, look no further than Nintendo's recent successes to see the value in defying expectations.

I comeletly agree. Just keep churning out the same thing that everyone expects and see how far that gets you.

Also, I'm looking forward to the new Burnout.

It's good to start seeing some more positive viewpoints. I was in love with Burnout 3, and I was actually excited by the demo in December. Now, if only I could fix this money problem...

Is it, somehow, Test Drive Unlimited mixed to Destruction Derby, or something?

I am sorry but Burnout Revenge is still a LOT better than Paradise. I love how you can chuck cars by running into them in Revenge. Once they put that in Paradise....THEN they have a good game.


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