A Gamer's Valentine

A Gamer's Valentine

I had my cell phone in hand and made it a point to look like I was fending off anxious text messages from an interested investor. After two people asked me about that $3,000 number, I figured I earned myself a drink ... I took the opportunity to ask Jon Hayter and Greer, the two auctionees under the Themis umbrella, how they felt about their impending time on the block. Both agreed they were nervous but resigned to their fate, like death row inmates or people the hour before a blind date.


Wow those girls are pretty hot.

What a weird concept for an event! Whose idea was that?!

Oh wait, let me guess... someone from Epic Games by any chance? ;-)

I think it's great that gamers step outside their shells and do something like this. Without money, those kids that are sick will never get the chance to grow up and become true gamers! Also, it says in the article that this whole thing was created and implemented by TAP Interactive...not Epic Games.

The link to the article is dead... and I'd really like to read it.


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