de-rez: Resident Evil

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Saying this is an improvement to the first one is pretty arbitrary, frankly, the contents of my left armpit could have made for more interesting viewing. But anyway...

...the humor was off-ish, sometimes it was slightly amusing, sometimes perplexing, and occasionally quite funny. I must say I lol'd quite hard at the 'Spaniards' line, and at the camera angle skit, but some of the Leon-based jokes were obvious and frankly not worth the time. If there'd been more jokes about the game mechanics and plot holes, it would've been much more amusing.

This may be the problem De-Rez has - it sticks too closely to mocking a character, and misses out on the humour within the game itself. After all, if you were going to spoof The Darkness, would you mock the whole thing, or just latch on to Jackie's snail-like pace?

ahaha great job lads :)

I registered specifically to comment on this. This has to be one of the most hilarious things i've ever seen. Some parts were meh, but Leon's dialogue was incredible. Keep it up, dudes.

"Its my first day!" has become a catch phrase for my girlfriend and I... :)

The Hitman one only got a slight smile from me, but this one had me chuckling often and laughing out loud at one point (the typewriter line). As Surgical Scar said, focus less on the characters themselves, and more on the overall game. Most game characters are fairly simple, so there's not that much to make fun of.


Slight improvement. I liked the second "master of unloc..." joke, and the looped video behind (but we've already seen this a million times before). However, I'm merely going through this just because there's "Escapist" stamped on it. I wouldn't give it a ten second chance if it was some random youtube stuff. Still below average in my book.

So what your saying is you have lower standards for a professional site than you do for amateurs on youtube?


No. What I'm saying is that something recommended by The Escapist is always worth a look in my book, but here it's been going on too long, so I won't bother looking for the next one, as it's clearly not my cup of tea.
Incidentally, I've seen much much funnier stuff on Youtube.

it wasn't that much of an improvement to the hitman one, buut I still really liked both of them
more please

Imo it improved a lot. Was a lot funnier than he hitman one. Theres still some work to be done (and i don't think i need to repeat everything everyone else already said). I'm not asking for a hollywood operation, but you're getting there.

I'm looking forward for the next episode

Gave me a good laugh in the morning. Keep improving at this rate guys, much better than the first try.

god i actually registered to burn this cuz this is like the millionth bad game gimmick it just isn't fun if u act like a child :S

Well, I didn't find it very funny (perhaps because I've not played RE), but at least it's not as boring as the first two.

10 points for trying.

"There was a typewriter in there!" thing. Seriously... I know Yahtzee's pointed out that RE dialogue is ridiculous, but this was brilliant.
...What was the deal with that scene, though? Were you making fun of respawning?

In RE, the save points are typewriters, he was making fun of that =]

I join in with others who have chimed in thus far in saying that this is a drastic improvement over the other video. I think Logie bear picked up on what made it far more entertaining for me, that the humor was so focused on gameplay mechanics, because not only can it apply specifically to the game in question, but many others that come to mind. With that said, there were still sections that really felt like they were dragging on, and towards the end the jokes started to feel stale.

However, I can say without reservation that I am glad that I decided to tune in for this. I can't say its because it was mind blowing, but seeing the improvement and evolution from your first film convinced me that you guys have great potential. I look forward to the next installment.

I liked the flower bit. Just rubber his face. xD

"Ahh Spaniards"


That is the best line ever. I havn't played much of RE so I'm not sure if I got everyjoke but I still thought it was really funny. Liek others have said try pokeing fun at the game mechanincs more then the main characters. I think you'll get more jokes that way.

An immense improvement over the first two posted, for what that's worth. I actually got a laugh out of some of the dialogue, and most of the jokes were funny without having actually played the game.

A couple of issues: sound levels were too low for the Spaniards, couldn't understand what they were groaning. I also found that it was too long, the punch dwindled after maybe the fourth minute.

All in all, a big improvement with a ways to go yet.

wow that was so much better than the hitman 1 i was stunned, in fact i didnt watch it for while untill i decided to give it another go, great work on that one!

And there I had written you guys off as hopeless! This improved in every way it needed to improve. The editing could still be a bit sharper and Chris Slack needs some basic acting lessons - actually vocal coaching would do - but if the next episode improves on this one as much as this improved on the first two, I'll bookmark De-rez.

The script this time around was really, really good. I thought your last couple of scripts were solid, but this one was a pearler.

The sound effects shined in places! Shooting the cat off-screen is an old joke but a good one. The "thwack!"s of the gun beating the zombie were great, very game-ish. And the way the dramatic music came on and off abruptly was used well, too: without the music, the plant-face joke would have been awkward and stodgy (like most of the first two De-rez movies), but with the music over the top it worked a treat.

Stephen Colfer lends support to the theory that the Irish are inherently funnier than everyone else. More of him, please! "Why did you only set it to five minutes?! ... You couldn't have given us like an hour, or anything." That bit had perfect comic timing and great delivery, it honestly made me think of a stand-up comedian.

Chris Slack: I don't know if it's an accent or an affectation, but can you try not to speak... the way you speak? Whether it's part of your normal voice or not, you sound like you're putting on a "funny" accent and it can be quite jarring. The permanent half-smile was also not the ideal expression to be holding for the whole video; a slightly more serious face would have both contrasted better with the silliness of the game dialogue and made it seem less like you're a kid making a video in your parents' house. (I'm sorry if I sound like a typical internet jerk. I really think these improvements would make your videos more watchable.)

The way Leon moved in straight lines and turned on the spot was perfect. It really captured the way it feels to play RE games (it's so frustrating!) - but the walk itself was a bit too exaggerated. It was too much of a prance. Not that bad, but distracting.

I expected to hate this and it surprised me. Good job lads, you might have a future as Funny Internet Personalities after all.

Poor cat....:( Awesome video, though.

Healing herb for the win.

Man, I lol'd at a lot of stuff in this one. And the change to more dynamic camera work, better lighting, and better use of music and sound effects all were definitely noticed and appreciated.

I look forward to your next venture.

these are definitely growing on me.

MUCH better than the hitman attempt! As an original RE player I had quite a chuckle at this.
Very good De Rez, much improved. You aimed at your target audience and used the subtle exaggerations that everyone notices (herbs to heal, type writers to resurrect, the aim down process)

Very good!

This is the first one i've watched...And it was great..the typewriter part had me laughing..Hahahahahaha.."There was a typewriter in there"...

Funny as heck!

"The camera angles changed, I need to go back."

Chris, seriously, this was good because it actually had aspects to do with the game. I know what your doing next, it sounds great if you do it right. If you don't pity help you. Really. The gamer community will rip to shreds if you mess it up. Stick to ripping it from games- not taking aspects from your own imagination of what you think games mean. People know games- they know the good and bad aspects- focus on that. People will associate with it.

PS: Its like it was back in tech- get somebody to act for you. Im sorry but your bad mate- get somebody willing to poke at themselves in a good way.

I've not seen any others butI thought that was absolutely awesome xD

really sums up the RE series quite well, I lol'd quite a bit.

You can really relate to the other guy, leons sidekick as it were. He's pretty much saying what your thinking as your playing the games. lol.

really well done I thought, brought life to the games xD

Lets not dilly dally lol its brilliant

Was okay. I laughed at running into the door and having to wait, rubbing the plant/herb in that guys face, and the camera angle bit. It was about 5 minutes too long though.

"N-No it's head" God I love this show.

lets not dilly dalleh
its mah first daaaaaaaaaaay

XD wow for a few minutes i really thought it was leon! and im so glad something came out of that door, i was hoping for it the whole time XD
great film! and good make up ^-^

This is a true Resident Evil parody so if you only played one of the games or so then you might not completely apreciate this. Of course the comical timing may seem off at times but if you played the first Resident Evil then you know that this shits right on the money.

Quite nice, although it was a bit skimpy on special effects. It doesn't matter, though; I still thought it was a very nicely done little satire.

Its my 1st day! that was great

i loved this video, best one i've seen so far. but what was the name of that song at the end? it looked like you guys tried to put it in the credits, but the quality got as jacked up as putting a redneck in office of a world super power .... OH WAIT. so someone reply to me with the name and band, thanks. (yahtzee on ZP rules!)

I still randomly quote this episode to this day... loves it

Also I miss Chris Slack, he entertains me :)

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