GDC 2008: Too Human First Look

GDC 2008: Too Human First Look

It's been a long road for Silicon Knights' Too Human. A disappointing showing at E3 led to delays, which led to suggestions the game was being dropped, which led to a lawsuit against Epic Games, makers of the Unreal Engine, licensors of the technology Silicon Knights was trying to use to make their game.

Silicon Knights v. Epic Games hits the courthouse soon, and the game, Too Human, might not be too far behind.


I agree that Too Human can't be judged until we've got our chubby hands on it. From the two trailers I just watched, the game looks like a whole lot of frantic cyborg sword-fighting with little else of interest. Sadly (and oddly) enough, I kept thinking about Rise of the Robots the entire time.

Let's ignore the hype and wait until we can make our own impressions, this time at least *cough* Kane and Lynch *cough*.

I've been waiting for this one since I finished Eternal Darkness for the third time. I'm less interested in the hack 'n slash gameplay -- although that'll be fun co-op with my girlfriend -- than I am in the storyline, which I hope will live up to Eternal Darkness in depth.

I'm quite willing to put up with gameplay that I don't necessarily adore if the story is interesting enough. Persona 3 is a great example.


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