GDC 2008: The Microsoft Keynote

GDC 2008: The Microsoft Keynote

"As the new guy there's an expectation I'll come out with a new tattoo," said Schappert, referring to Peter Moore's habit of showing his guns off on stage at Microsoft Keynotes. "Sadly I have no tats."


"Just be careful who you invite into your world."

Sig worthy.

I'm also very curious about how far XNA democricisiziceses game development. Seems that if you know zitch about code, and if you have the ideas, but not necessarily the hard logic to pack the stuff up, you're still screwed.

Yes, I have personally started working with XNA. Let me start by explaining my background in programming, Java and then C. Which was hard for me, because C is like trying to herd cats and Java is like telling your best friend what you want. One is really hard to guide, and the other already knows what you want. Now bust in with C# and the XNA game development.

Moderately easy to pickup how to code what you want, but the code feels obtuse and sometime is damn near unmanageable. I suppose I will eventually get used to it, but for now its mostly a pain in my rear.


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