GDC 2008: The Awards

GDC 2008: The Awards

Host Jason Rubin's delivery was drier than an off-year pinot, but he gets points for trying. "I'm entering the Billy Crystal stage of my career," he said, upon taking the stage, and then spent the next hour proving his point. I try hard not to be disrespectful, but man, when you're upstaged at your own show by a voiced-over cartoon, it's maybe time to reconsider.

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I have done the leisure of making 25 min mixes (the max time the game will handle)
Alot of the Techno mixes are live mixes as I am a DJ and Producer.
(So look at the list on the download site for stuff made by me :))

The mixes consist of Mainly Techno and Rock, but will also have hip-hop and other genres for your Audiosurfing pleasure.

The Rock and other mixes I do for fun with a great program. I have a HUGE Song library and
will take requests of songs you all want to hear made into a 25 min mix.

Just PM me with a track list

Go to this website for the downloads!


I do not sell or make profit off these mixes as I do them for fun, and its good practice. If you are a promoter and like my
mixes please PM me or email me and I will send you a full 320 set. All tracks of artists and songs played/mixed are posted
on the website above in the comments before the download. I do not take any responsibility if a song is taken from the mix
and used in any way shape or form to make money off of it. (If it were me i'd pay royalties).[/size][/font][/color]


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