GDC 2008: Ray Kurzweil: The Magic Man

GDC 2008: Ray Kurzweil: The Magic Man

In a more interesting world, Ray Kurzweil, GDC's guest keynote speaker for Thursday, would be the God Emperor of everything, ruling the universe form the comfort of his throne on the spice planet, predicting the future, then pulling the strings to bring about vast evolutionary changes. Sadly, we don't live in that world.

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this is an off topic response, but is there a link on this website to get your (everyones) articles in audio format. An audio only escapist podcast would be awesome. I ride a train to work and get motion sick trying to watch video, to just close my eyes and listen to the escapist would just totally make my commute!!

PS- your articles rock russ!

Wasn't Kurzweil's prediction for the game industry fairly rough? I'm basing this on the stuff he wrote in his book, The Singularity, but it seems to be coming true. All the major software companies are about to engage in an unholy IP war as they, along with other dominant media companies, fight to become the one source for people to procure their entertainment. Xbox Live, WiiWare...they're all just rough drafts of what will eventually be the primary way you get your video games, movies, and TV. Whoever owns the most popular IP's wins. It's inevitable both as a way to stop piracy but also because we'll improve internet speed to such a point that it'll be faster to play games by linking to a super computer rather than having independent processor abilities.

Hopefully this will be a good thing.


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