Zero Punctuation: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee goes treasure hunting with Uncharted.

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roflmao, that was excellent, best of '08 so far.

'an envelope would move more if you put it in front of a glacia.'

I imagined you to be a lot older, the voice make you sound around 35.

Not as good as assassins creed then. Still looks like a must play though.

I nearly blew a bloodvessel when you spoke directly. So random.

I agreed with every point you made, but drew an entirely different conclusion. It is quite racist though.

"Jagged Rock Junction" made me laugh. Love that.

Oh, and the switching to Real Life thing was a nice touch too.

I think I had a small seizure when yahtzee decided to speak directly. Now we have a face to paste on this awesomeness

I think it's worth mentioning that though the game didn't take any chances and borrowed a lot, that was pretty much the idea. Still loved the review, and good to see your face when you're not 80 feet away and wearing a hat!

I had imagined yahtzee as older and more... hatted.

Ok, let me just say, you're a lot more handsome than i thought.

Also, great review, but it felt somehow like halfway through the game sort of... fell away and was pushed to the back, somehow. I can't explain it, really, but something felt 'off' when compared to your other reviews.

I loved the game and I love the review...No games are perfect...Are they Yahtzee?

I was expecting another machinima skit when the static hit. That looks like a damn comfy sofa though.

Also, nice laptop (same as mine).

I'm surprised Yahtzee can manage to talk that fast when he wants to; I always thought he just cut the hell out of his audio in Goldwave. Plus he forgot his hat.

I had a feeling that next review would be about this game...
Awesome as always, the switching to real-life thing was an interesting touch.

one of the best recent ones imo opinion and i haven't even played the game to appreciate the review fully! keep up the gd work and was a surprise 2 c wot u look like but in a way i did picture u sorta like that i guess

That was awesome. Loved that you actually showed your face in this one. And your gripe about the being shot perfectly from 900 true, so true...

Somebody should warn Yahtzee that people have hacked his video and removed his hat.
Other than that it's a good review, ashame I lack the system(s) to play the game xP

I think I had a small seizure when yahtzee decided to speak directly. Now we have a face to paste on this awesomeness

Er, did no one look at his site?

the KKK meets Raiders of the Lost Ark....sounds....horrid...

on a side note: what is with the terrible movie trailer at the end? I could understand the camera ads...but please, is that what the Escapist honestly thinks of it's netizens?

I loved the game and I love the review...No games are perfect...Are they Yahtzee?

Portal? That game was perfect imo

I felt like "Meh" during this review until the Facebook video played which made everything "Mwoah" until a giant human hand beat up Nathan Drake with his own hair which made it all "ROFLExcellent"!

How do you beat up someone with hair, anyway? The very concept is perplexing and thus highly amusing. Great find.

REAL LIFE YAHTZEE??? What trickery is this?

I loved this review, seemed a lot cheerier and more energetic than the last 2 (not counting the GDC one). Speaking of which (why do i ask anyway, not like we'll see a reply ;_; ), did you check out the IGF @ GDC?

you look quite a bit different in that rl clip than you do in the PCG backspace columnist pic. (love those btw, 100 health ftw)

that truely was a masterpiece when it comes down to it, definetly the best one in the last few weeks.

I havent played it...yet. But to conclude its racist is like comcluding that Mass effect has a second of butt. And some pricks none present company said its a Sex game lol. But i digress. The scene where you appeared caught me off guard. Stylish facial hair lol. Mines a Beard.

After the last two reviews i was more than pleasantly suprised by how awesome this was. Main disappointment is the lack of hat unlike in your travelogue but i will get over it in time...

I loved the game and I love the review...No games are perfect...Are they Yahtzee?

I thought he said portal was -_-

Once again the fanboy in me wants to send you my bank-acount (as a teasing and cruel joke ofcourse).

And yes, if you are gonna play Mr Wonders songs, choose the good ones.

He has broken the fourth wall...and I'm a little shocked. But you are right that quick time events should be a part of the core gameplay if you are going to have them. That is why I liked Indigo Prophecy, along with keeping yourself sane and not falling into a pit of deep dark depression(there wasnt even the bar to keep the guy happy at all, sane was the best you can do X_X) at least when the player came across those choices he had quick time events to come across and they were right on the money in terms of difficulty. They fit the profile very well, they were expected, a lot longer than pressing a single button for 2 seconds and whether you passed the event or not was not the end of the game(most of the time) just changed the story.

But this time your review did not make me laugh Yahtzee but instead shocked me that you broke the fourth wall in such a casual way. But even I feel this review felt safe, granted games like this now that you mention it arent really going to be easy to mock since they have been mocked before just like any movie title game. Still keep on the great work because you have a style all of your own not only making you an excellent game reviewer but a comedian as well.

It's Bride of Stevie Wonder!

Great review. I can realte to many parts of it, especially the comment about jumping toward items that are actually part of the background. uggh!

You're on a hot streak as fa as I'm concerned, several GREAT reviews in a row...come on now don't stop don't stop

:O OMG Yatzee's pretty young and accually pretty hot!

didn't see that one coming - he's wise for his years i tells you. anyway very good review.


keep up the good work.

Oh Jesus H Motherloving Christ, I haven't laughed that hard in a long while.

I've never played Uncharted, but now I may go ahead and do it so I can add another morally dubious, racially intolerant piece of entertainment to my media cabinet. It should fit in snugly between American History X and my DOS CD of Ethnic Cleansing.

Oh, and breaking the 4th wall was wonderful. I never knew Yahtzee posessed such raw animal magnetism. Yum.

Press X to place burning cross on front lawn.

Man, you're ugly ;)
Great review (like always)

Unless my eyes deceive me, I do believe that Yahtzee uses a Dell Inspiron 1520. That's what I use! NEAT! And it's even blue like mine! Yahtzee, did you steal my laptop?

Also, there HAVE been white supremacist games in the past, but never any big names really. Needless to say, none of them sold very well. Although "Custer's Revenge" is pretty famous, albeit for DIFFERENT reasons....

Ebony and Ivory at the end was hilarious. Great Job. Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week.

there also was a picture, althouh not a great one, on the trip to valve thing he did.

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