de-rez: Searching for Gordon Freeman

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Searching for Gordon Freeman

In this episode of de-rez, Dave Hiroshima, adventure reporter goes searching for Gordon Freeman.


funny stuff!

Nice. Definitely a few good laughs. They keep getting better. Way to go, de-rez.
"You don't know how to green-screen either? This won't work...people will know."

There's some good jokes in there, but it needs to be a little tighter. There's still a few 'what do we do next?' moments. But still very good.

i liked the end with the crowbar

Ah, getting better. Several laugh-out-loud moments, and I loved the Combine bit.

I admit I was skeptical about this series at first (well, I'll stay reserved), but if this keeps up I think I'll enjoy it quite a bit.

A little too much filler, you could remove some detail "what do we do next?" moments indeed as root of all evil said. It's improving though, keep it up.

best yet, though the accent at times sounded bizarre to say the least. GJ though, very kewl concept.

Funny stuff! Keep up the good work.

I hope 'Zep won't be too pissed about the use of their music in this video. They seem to be pretty cranky about that sort of thing...

Otherwise, funny stuff!



pretty good, some good jokes, but needs to be cut down a bit. there were too many boring cuts with just "well we cant find him, now what?" some good stuff tho, i liked how freeman just stares at hima nd proceeds to kill him. additionally kudos for having the balls to rip a character that has a signficant following on the site that hosts your vids.

LoL very good.
I joined just to say good job I liked it very much.
Perhaps too many "How we gonna find him" parts but it still worked for me.
I liked the gravity gun and him being stabbed with the crowbar.

BTW is that the citadel in the background?

I'll keep watching!

Lmao, keep it up.

What I would have liked to have seen

The Cameraman being the G-Man "Hey, I have to make a living too..."
Crawling through a pipe to hear a headcrab leap, and then saying "oh, it's only a cushion."
Running a toaster off Freeman's powersuit.
Dave Hiroshima being more "NUCLEAR! We put the NEWS in NEWSCLEAR...Nuclear"

The whole thing was gold and it always gets better.

Still improving the scene with the combine soldier was excellent. Some of the "what do we do now" moments kind of trail on too long and the dialogue with the camera man having his phone number was a bit cliche once he makes the announcement. I'm also not quite sure what the beer was for? I mean I understand that you wanted to give it to him, but why? Maybe I missed something. Anyway, the crowbar ending was a nice touch. Good work, I'll keep watching.

I loved seeing the guy in the mirror as he was 'levitating' the can.

that was pretty darn funny

I liked the "mockumentary" style in this one. As the show is for bring gaming and real life together, maybe you guys should emphasize that? Adventure-Reporter/interviews and such, goldmine.

good work!

Gettin' good, gettin' good.

You dont look like a hirosima. Still these are improving.

Immortal: In both games Gordon gets promised a beer by Barney, which I guess is what's being referenced here.

Anyway, not bad. I didn't like it as much as the RE one, but still not bad.

This was much better than the last 2.

It was quite funny at parts of it, but like many others, the "What do we do next parts" did feel a little too much like filler. But the fact that the cameraman couldnt edit made up for it, so I think we were supposed to see it like that.

Keep it up guys.

lol vry good

"You're right...get his boots!"

Only in Norn Iron.

This kind of sucked...The Resident Evil one was way better.

lets give it up for BT callminder :P

i enjoyed this one, looking foward to the next one.

Are you both from the north?

I love Dave's voice.

De-Rez has really got up a notch. The editing... the humour...


Its really great that it can poke fun at itself. Whoop.

Lmao, definitely the best de-rez yet.

interesting twist on style there, quite cool if you did something new (eg mockumentary, game char invading real world) each time.

I'm of 2 minds whether I like the RE one or this one better though...

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. ^_^

Funny stuff. Bt try to link it all together better like the root of all evil said theres a little too much "what next" moments. Otherwise you guys are really funny I personally laughed alot.

I'm also not quite sure what the beer was for? I mean I understand that you wanted to give it to him, but why? Maybe I missed something.

You stupid son of a bi....................................

Remember in Half Life 1 the Barney's are offering him a beer. How about you play the game again.

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