Zero Punctuation: Devil May Cry 4

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Devil May Cry 4

This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee sheds a single emo tear for his gigantic sword in Devil May Cry 4.

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i am first good punctuation as well!! horay for yatzee


Great review!

lol great review,
although a kitana being homoerotic? hmmm ;) Agree about Raiden from MGS2, seriously does he use a hair straighener? :P Was waiting for yahtzee to make a personal appearance again though....

(developers being pillocks? i think thats been the same for all the DMC series)

mmmmmm, de Lays.

Call me a fanboy or call it Yahtzee doing his job, but I like DMC4, points he makes are valid like the dam dice games *shudder*. However one thing I have to disagree is with him calling it short; in todays age where 4 levels of a fps is standard I'd say DMC4 is quite long.

And there is nothing uncool about Dante

Truely the F-ing best review in awhile... truely awesome.

I take exception to the His Dark Materials reference.

Fun stuff though, even though most of the issues have become 'hallmarks' of DMC since the first game.

Gr8 review .. summarised all the reasons DMC4 wont be getting my £'s

good review made me laugh a few times.
But now i hate you if you spent howers on the second time round the bord game then your just pure unlucky and im going to have a guess tha a certain someone only played human or devil hunter the modes ment to get you redy for the real game. But hay i expected it to get ripped apart as soon as i saw it and well atleast you said the combat was good.

Good, but not the best. I agree with most of what you're saying though, as always...

But what's with the His Dark Materials reference!?

Is it me or did Yahtzee's speech sound kinda slow this one? Yatzee, you're going to have up your hooker and blow intake, you're building a resistance.

I cant believe he dident complaine more about the music and i was hoping for an Audiosurf review, not a measley comment.

Wow, harsh review for sure!! You got genuinely angry toward the end.

Good song pick at the beginning though...

Oh hey, thanks for the Audiosurf song recommendation. I'll give it a whirl later.

Anyway, it seems that the DMC series is alternating between good and utter crap. DMC wasn't bad, DMC2 terrible, DMC3 good, DMC4 terrible...

rofl, got to agree, although the I found the combat lacking.

Ben has a cold?

The last line is the best in the whole series. Great one dude. Give dem De-Rez boys a few tips. Their show needs more "that's embarrsing to watch" taken out!

And here I thought that game looked good, but timed platform sections with fixed camera angles, that's thrown me off it, though I may still try it just so I can have the pleasure of breaking a controller or two xD

Heheeeeeee, hehehehehehehehe...

Got my balls in the giggle vice that time. Not that a my balls being in any sort of vice would be giggle material but...... Actually, there's nothing funny about that at all. I should think these things through more.

Cracking review!

Excellent review, and it summed up things nicely. The only thing that I would add is that artificially adding difficulty by removing used items on player death from a set save point so that you'll go back and play previous levels over and over is just plain shitty. Make the user WANT to play things over, not HAVE to play them over just to progress.

Just because it's a staple of how DMC has always done it doesn't make it good. I decided that I would get more entertainment out of replaying Ninja Gaiden Black... and I was right.

Hehehe! Awesome review. Laughed throughout.

Lol great review :)
I knew it would either be this game or Turok

Liked the part where you said that Dante searches for his cardboard cutout love interest while Nero tries to wear too many belts

"By poring red and green gummy bears over the victor". That made my day, great review yahtzee.

Am i the only person who caught the Advent Children reference at the very end, where he gives his email address? Awesome review. I shall now avoid this game.

Am i the only person who caught the Advent Children reference at the very end, where he gives his email address? Awesome review. I shall now avoid this game.

you cant judge a game on a review by yhatzee he says every game is bad with ony portal and psyconaughts as accseptions its a good game if you give it a chance

Sequels to games that were better than previous games:
Monkey Island 2
Call of Duty 4
Ultima 4

Yeah, that's a minor quibble. Good job otherwise.

yahtzee, how much drugs and which type are u on as i can only thing where u come up with that is on a drug binge

or maybe ur just clever that way

"If you want to know the story, Nero spends most of the game chasing his cardboard-cutout love interest, while Dante concentrates on wearing too many belts."

Brilliant! Sadly, DMC4 is not the first (and probably not the last) game to follow this bizarre trend. Also, good choice of ending song.

Wow. This review is not only hilarious, but also useful. You see the demo for DMC 4 only featured the combat, and based on that I was going to buy it, but now I probably won't after the revelation of some of the more bizarre features.

Die hard 4 was actually quite watchable (better then "Rambo lives again" for sure), but he hit the Jackpot with The Amber Spyglass. After the greatness of the first two books the third felt like it was written by somebody else and hence I now think of the series as mediocre instead of being one of the best fantasy series ever (which crown belongs to George R.R. Martin atm).

Enjoyable review as always, but I totally disagree with most of it :) Dante's levels were fun however lazy they were, the only thing that genuinely annoyed me in this was the torture room and the one with the big spinning blades and laser beams in the middle.

And for the record, the Die game is easily manipulated, just hit it when the number you want is on the top.

Strange saying that you shouldn't buy it based on the combat - it makes up 90% of the game and it's of a very high standard too.

YEAH! Tell it like it is, Yahtzee! Fun and funny review, great images, too! Personally, I've found very few games with a big fat number four slapped on it as well done or even worth my time except for maybe Mega Man 4, but that was before the year 2000 ever popped up and long before Devil May Cry, so it doesn't count.

Keep up the good work and keep telling it as it is (I've always wanted to eliminate the characters of Devil May Cry)!

This review was good.

Though I still dislike you for making fun of The Witcher. Youre gradually making up for it by cracking fun of franchises I never liked in the first place. Your doing well in fact, because I actually registered to this forums just to say this.

Sequels to games that were better than previous games:
Monkey Island 2
Call of Duty 4
Ultima 4

Yeah, that's a minor quibble. Good job otherwise.

Monkey Island 2 was not better than part 1. The ending was the biggest load of crap to ever occur in an adventure game, it didn't have the insult fighting, and a lot of the puzzles on expert fall into the "Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter" realm of hard.

I loved the song choices on this one. Sympathy for the Devil (albeit a stripped down version, presumably because Mick Jagger's lawyers would rip even Yahtzee a new one) for the intro and Weapon of Choice for the outro.

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