143: The 15th Shot

The 15th Shot

"Looking down at the throng of people watching the army barricade the long, straight street below, Eric could see cyclists breathing on their cold hands in confusion, and inadequately clothed children huddling close to their parents for warmth. The cold was falling from the troposphere, through vortices created by the descending ship's braking thrusters. The invasion fleet was approaching Earth at incredibly high speed, and had fired its powerful decelerators as it entered the bottom layer of atmosphere two hours ago."

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I do love this story.

The ending felt oh so brutal to me, some part of me wished one of the two from the canon had survived. I think that is a sign I found this story to be quite enjoyable. Somehow, I found myself thinking of X-COM: UFO DEFENSE when I was reading it. :)

Space invaders fan fiction. I like it.

"Instead of shooting where I was you should of shot where I was going to be!" ;)

Loved it.

Brilliant, I've never thought of space invaders like that before a great read.

Had it by page two... anyone beat that? ;-)

Around 3/4s through page 1.
Victory for Zim!

A space invaders fan fic, genius! Seriously, genius!

I'm looking forward to the next installments. Tetris and pacman, maybe?


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