Zero Punctuation: Army of Two

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Army of Two

This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee tries to cut down on the gay jokes while reviewing Army of Two.

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lol, where do you get the inspiration for the songs?

great review, hmmm you seem to see racism and homosexuality in everything :P

I love the Frank Miller reference....

don't give up on women... just better yourself... if everyone seems to think you smell...perhaps you do...

Haha i knew this was comming.

Love it. Especially the end.

Seriously, who didn't cackle "Yes..." when they saw that Army of Two was in the firing line?

good review, and yes the game is generic and the story's subject is a real world problem represented in a stupid simplistic manner in this game

Funniest one yet!!!......Well,time to watch again and try to understand all of the jokes...

If they're 8 year old boys I guess Clyde is the older kid who picks on them and doesn't like having to walk with them to school and is probably abused by his parents.

quoting david bowman "god, it's full of jokes about gays"... Wait, I think I missed something from "2010"...
Anyway, good job as always.

I wonder who's going to be the first to attempt to You Tube themselves playing Gears of War and Splinter Cell at the same time... XD

Just renounce women already Yahtzee.

Show some sign of doing so.



Good musical choices this time. Where by "good" I mean "bad". Which is good.

Spectacular. As always, but it needs repeating.

Eeee I remember when the latest review was about the console wars and I laughed so hard I emailed Yahtzee to profess my undying love. Not actually realising that everyone else must have done it by that point. Ho hum.

Fingers crossed that next week is that Wii game everyone thinks is good but isn't then we can have Wii fanboys complaining next to the 360 ones :D

THANKS YAHTZEE!! Always makes my Wednesday

Funniest in awhile, as far as something to review thats decent, I'm pretty sure God of War: Chains of Olympus got released worldwide by now

Not enough gay jokes.

Get it together Yahtzee!

I loved it, in a completely normal way.

Yahtzee, you shouldn't give up on the gay jokes or women. Seriously, 99% of your jokes include penises in some way. You are just gonna lose the funny.
Plus, women have tits. you can't get that with men. Well, good looking men anyway.

So it's like Kane and Lynch go to Blackwater?

Loved the inclusion of the SA :awesome: face (which later became :fuckyou: if I remember correctly) to go with the use of the word facetious. Fits perfectly.

haven't missed one yet, and i don't plan on starting anytime soon.

another fantastic episode.

thank you Ben.

Ao2 has been getting some pretty bad magazine reviews all over!

i liked the game but can see what hes talking about... well except the "enemies dont advance part" since a) they do if it doesnt mean to much exposure from cover
b) its a cover based game, you arent some sort of god...although yes you can take alot of bullets but shhh
and yea that sheepdog with a bit of shrapnel thing happens to me....every goddam time i get to that bit
also id like to see how many people LIKED the versus mode even when it does suck with game joining times and the fact that if ANYONE leaves the game it closes for everyone (thank you everyone who cant take losing)

Awesome once again!

Funny and clever as usual. You have a huge vocabulary.

I love your reviews, but I can't take them seriously. Very entertaining, but they don't help me decide if I will purchase a game.

With that said, excellent work and keep them coming!

Great as always Yahtzee. And you can never have to many gay jokes, thought you of all people would know that ;-)

keep them coming


Very amusing, and a great distraction from study.

*mumbles* lousy uq

Gay jokes in all their glory but my favourite joke so far is the "Blu-ray > DVD" one in Console war.

Ha ha, awsome, he stuck Diana on his taste/tasteless continuum

i loved the 'no! BAD YAHTZEE!' one, that was awesome.
and i do like his all the time gay jokes, they're fun.

So it's like Kane and Lynch go to Blackwater?

For all the beating Kane and Lynch took, I had a lot of fun with the co-op and the bank heists. It wasn't nearly as good as it was promised to be, but it was hardly terrible. If Army of Two avoids the clunky controls and sub-standard graphics it sounds like fun to me. Though maybe the lack of bank heists and hallucinatory homicides may take away from it.

Oh, and
"Except it's you giving out the candy, and the candy is BULLETS."

Does anyone have problems viewing the new post or is it just me?

wish i could watch video's :(
all that comes up instead of the actual video, is no video at all

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