144: Wii Fit's History of Happy Accidents

Wii Fit's History of Happy Accidents

"The premise behind exercise games - 'exergaming' - is fairly simple: Let people play videogames that use their whole body as an input device, and they'll have fun and get their daily workout at the same time. Sadly, something so simple has rarely panned out. The history of videogames is littered with all kinds of bizarre exercise paraphernalia that failed somewhere down the line ... most often because, even in the comfort and safety of our own living rooms, we just felt a little bit ridiculous."

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an interesting article about the history of it and quite possibly i will end up looking back and wondering why but i'm getting it anyway, it's really not too bad at just uder £70 uk when 2 normal games would cost me £80 and it looks fun.

I don't have a Wii yet, and sadly, the Wii Fit was one of the reasons I have been considering one.
Recently I went on a health mission to get myself back into decent shape and decided that I would get DDR for the 360 to see how that would help. So far since starting I have lost a decent bit of weight. Of course, that's not specifically an exercise game, just a fun game that happens to make you work.
After seen the Fit, I have been thinking of getting that and adding it in just to be one of the few who got into great shape using only video games. :)

Well... I'll probably get one, but of all the companies Nintendo seems to be the one who's pushing faster and harder for newer, better interaction with video games. Who knows if in the future people will have Physical Therapy sponsored by Nintendo's innovations. Even if we're going back to basics Its better than pushing the same thing only to crash and burn. Even Microsoft is making a wiimote. (they need to find some original ideas)

EyeToy Kinetic on the PS2 was actually a decent idea, but the camera's lack of sensitivity required the player to significantly 'stick out' from the background or your movements wouldn't register, which pretty much meant you had to be in front of a blank wall.
Rearranging and moving furniture and lights around to get it to work properly sucked most of the fun out of it, but it certainly had its moments.

Thanks for the article Pat. I'm using it for one of my portfolios in my I.T.G.S. course. =-)

It was a good concept the wii, but I think they wallowed in the mire of minigames for far too long now

Wii Boxing:

"While the experience didn't exactly blow my mind, I do recall seeing Diego, one of my training buddies from our MMA club, throwing the same crisp jabs and hooks he had caught me with so many times before in real life, and thinking, "Hey, that actually looks like it works.""



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