Zero Punctuation: No More Heroes

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Thanks for your comment, it's reeeeeeally helpful...
Seriously, there are almost 4 people who registered just to bray in this thread... what's wrong with you people? If you don't like it, don't fill the thread with illiterate pointless crap.

I don't see why you shouldn't be allowed to express your negative opinion.

I think the phenomenon is actually kind of interesting. Yahtzee went for months without receiving anything but unanimous praise. And I don't find this review particularly different from all of those other ones. So what's different? I personally wonder if as time goes by he won't attract more and more negative comments.

And none of this is said in any offense to Yahtzee, mind you. Perhaps I am slightly the anarchist for believing that having a diversity of opinion represented here trumps the need for everyone to have valid, well constructed posts, with college level grammar. Negative opinions I think will keep Yahtzee honest.

I mean, think about it, if everyone loves what you do, no matter WHAT you do, then you will spend as little effort as possible on what you do, so you can use the rest to pursue other ventures. Obviously, if the pay-off for breaking your back over an excellent review is equivalent to the pay-off for producing a so-so review, then you will only produce so-so reviews.

... Eh, let me reinforce that I'm only playing devil's advocate here. I believe my initial posts were along the lines of "As funny as usual."

If you read the first comment I made on this thread I said:

I think it wasn't the best one but it's still funny...
I love the begining when the music cuts out and yahtzee says "no, not, It's too obvious"

I didn't like some other reviews like the DMC4 one, but there are ways to express yourself without looking like a 13 year old brat.
I mean: of course you can say you don't like, this is a forum, but the abyss between "I didn't like it, I think that you can do it better and be more acid" and "OMGOMG THIS SUCKS! UR LAST REVIEWS SUCKS BULL BOLLOCKS UR REVIEWS NEEDS MOAR LIQUID HAET!" is the size of the Bishmark using as prow figurehead a stuffed tyranosaurus.

there is a difference between the "illiterate pointless crap":

yah maybe u get games late cause you say they all suck... ur turok review sucked and u had no good arguments why modern fps suck. stronger grenades? please u just suck so u need to grenade spam. plus the reason of no health bars is so u dont run around looking for health for 5 hours or if u just defended and epic battle and then get shot by the last guy u never saw ud have to restart.

if halo 3 sucks so much how come so many people play it everyday. over 900,000 average.

sounds like a 14 y.o. halo fanboy


sounds retarded


and the "constructive criticism:"

Not nearly as funny as before. The ending was quite nice, but cutting out the music at the start ruined your flow. C+, down from an A- average.



just as simple as this, they aren't doing nothing but bitch-talking. And that's not the way to improve anything. Negative critics must give something more than "this is shit and I'm not saying why it is that way".

Meh. Take it more as food for thought, then.

Let's see... a bunch of people who registered just to say "this one sucked, not as good as it used to be, etc.," and will probably never post again... nope, nothing out of the ordinary here.

What's funny to me is to read the articles on the main page and the discussions about them, then veer off to see what's going on in the ZP threads. It sort of reminds me of driving around town, taking a wrong turn, and winding up in the ghetto. You don't realize how hostile people are in the Zero Punctuation boards until you check out the other ones.

What's funny to me is to read the articles on the main page and the discussions about them, then veer off to see what's going on in the ZP threads. It sort of reminds me of driving around town, taking a wrong turn, and winding up in the ghetto. You don't realize how hostile people are in the Zero Punctuation boards until you check out the other ones.

Indeed. I was just thinking I should come in here more often; the flame wars are immense. Especially when you compare it to the placid nature of the majority of the community, who have discovered there's a bit more to this forum than the ZP threads.

Best review ever.

Sweet review


Sadly, I agree with you. This review didn't offer a complete perspective of the game itself.



No More Hereos?

I'm glad someone else noticed. I thought maybe I was going crazy.

Great and duly critical review as always.

Almost personally disappointed that the otherwise infallible Yahtzee gave this a thumbs-up at the last minute. He seemed right on track toward hating it for all the same reasons I did, until then.

P.S. The City of Lost Children reference in the Turok review, very classy. :)

OK so now I've read a bit more of this thread of comments and I guess I'll opine a little further. First of all I don't really hold Y's reviews to the same standards as traditional reviews as I don't think the format or the sense of humor really support that. ie. the pacing and the constant overstatement for effect are AWESOME but not ideal if you're seriously trying to decide whether to buy a game.

That said... some people are coming down on this because Y's review is too positive, but I don't see that at all. I think my biggest complaint is that the review is almost entirely negative (as well it should be) followed by an almost completely unexplained "but I liked it anyway" which is neither helpful NOR especially funny. But Y is still cooler than you or me so no prob.

As for Suda-integer guy, I really think he should just make films. He's obviously got a talent for aesthetics and content but he seems to have something bordering on disdain for actual gameplay and gameplayers. Everything I did enjoy about my time with No More Heroes I could just as easily have watched on YouTube.

The "but I liked it anyway" does come completely out of nowhere, hence the colorful whale reference.

The review goes through:

Phase 1: Why it's good. Refreshing, killer 7, etc.
Phase 2: Why it's bad, yadda yadda.
Phase 3: But, the good outweighs the bad.

Yahtzee is usually of the "games as art" opinion, and I'm sure he liked No More Heroes just because it was something doing something a bit different than CoD4 or Halo 3. And so on.

I guess I see your point, but:

"Phase 1: Why it's good. Refreshing, killer 7, etc."

To my eyes/ ears, Phase 1 only established why Killer 7 was good, and if anything seemed like a setup as to how NMH didn't live up to that legacy. So as for good outweighing bad, the only "good" cited is "there's nothing else like it." Which is probably true of lots of bad things, too.

But you know, games are subjective, so if everyone else likes it fine. I got nearly half of my money back on return anyway. ;)

Obvious or not, I thought it was awesome to hear The Stranglers in a ZP review! You may be surprised how many people have never even heard of them, so it may not be as obvious as you think.

Well. It's been almost a week since this review and I'm wondering how many were convinced to pick NMH up at Yahtzee's suggestion.
So Who bought this?
Do you think it deserves the praise?
Please answer honestly.

rented this one on recommendation and was quite pleased!

...and you know, for a while I was worried that a combination of your sudden popularity surge and the frequency of your updates may have begun to cause a slump in the quality of your reviews, but you have proven otherwise, Sir Yahtzee, bravo :)

rented this one on recommendation and was quite pleased!

...and you know, for a while I was worried that a combination of your sudden popularity surge and the frequency of your updates may have begun to cause a slump in the quality of your reviews, but you have proven otherwise, Sir Yahtzee, bravo :)

Others would say differently.
I'm not one of them--mind you, but others would.

I just figered i wud post here cus i love Muse lmao. Zero Punc is the funniest and best games reviews i read/watch/listen too. He has game reviews to a tee and his humour is just off the page, slanderous and thoroughly enjoyable.

Some of his reviews are just absolutely mockery (and its great) and some, in fact most, are genuinely correct in every aspect which makes it all the more funny.

It helps when you know the game, but this review was so good I felt like I was the one who had played it because I could just imagine exactly as he described it - and yet his descriptions were so abstract.

Just genious, grats Yahtzee, you are a credit to the gaming world, and the reviewing crowd. I take my hat off to you.

More Brisbane music woooo

i love yahtzees reviews but i still dont ever really buy any of the games probably should...

Time to take a vote on what you think the next game will be.
My vote, not another Wii game.

absolutely genius episode this week.
I had the game a while now and have been waiting for his review, knowing it would be this great. He hit a lot of the points I made on my own, plus taught me the greatness of branston pickle.


EDIT - Earthbound was the greatest RPG for the entire Nintendo catalog, and I'm talking better than anything Enix, Square, or Level 5 has done. But they are my favs there (square-enix being the line).

you're missing out on Treasure of the Rudras, Star Ocean, and a couple of others. But Earthbound was pretty... okay.

You "flout" convention. You don't "flaunt" it.

Ok Yahtzee is give up, im trying to vote for the webby awards but cant navigate my way through the darn website, i dont know if its me being Retard McSpacky Pants or the site, where oh where do i go to vote for you?!?

ive tried the film section, the use of animation section, public service and activism, someone tell me please!

Film // ??? // ???

fill in the blanks someone

First sign up. Then click "select a nominee" on the top right. Select "The Escapist" NOT Yahtzee himself, and the catagory is games-related. Might be games but probubly games-related.

This has to be one of the greatist reviews Yahtzee's done, mabye if only for the "Mabye the universe would end, and it would be awsome!." part. I'm glad that part is at the end, because otherwise I would have to pause to stop laughing which would have taken a while. A long while. Would love a T-Shirt with that on it. *Wink* *Wink*

Just notice, it was "Strawberry on a shortcake" Travis (Yahtzee version) was screaming (A picture of a strawberry onto a chortcake)...

And I agree the point of most of the time the last enemy of the room always triggers the super power.

I love this game. I can't say I love the video. Like most people here have pointed out, Yahtzee's "but I liked it anyway" disclaimer at the end really clashed with the rest of the review. Overall, I think the majority of the jokes were weaker than usual as well. As usual, though, Yahtzee made some great points about the game's flaws, such as the bizarre random elements in the battle system and the repetitive side jobs.

I heard the first part about NMH being a GTA clone, exclaimed "WHAT?!" at the top of my lungs and I died a little on the inside.

That must have been a part of the joke reel that he pulls at the beginning of every review.

I've been listening to Yahtzee's reviews for a while, and I think I finally get the pattern to his reviews, that being,

1. Introduce

2. Rag on the game for the sake of humor and comedy

3. Summerize why he did or did not like it. (the real part of the review)

Heh heh heh Sod's Law. Since it's named after me, I should really know the definition...
Oh I see, it's really Murphy's Law but with a cooler name...

I went out and purchased Branston Pickle from an import food store near my house. This shows how easily lead I am. Obviously I am American (see the easily led comment in the last sentence.) I must was interesting. I tried to re-create a ploughman's lunch. The emphasis should be on tried. I guess this stuff is an acquired taste, because I don't get it. I've eaten a lot of what I like to call "cultural" cuisine and I just don't see the appeal.
Anyway, aside from my "Branston Pickle debacle" as I now refer to it. Great review of an eccentric game. Not that I played it, but great review. Hmmm...perhaps I'm not as easily led as I thought.

Finally beat this thing today, seeing as how I'm pretty lazy when it come to actually sitting down and beating games. The 2nd last boss fight is a long exercise in the described hit and run tactics, but the ending cinematic amused me enough to carry me through. Got to respect a game that barrels through the 4th wall without so much as a backwards glance.

I must admit, this is probably one of the most fun games I've played on the Wii with intuitive controls to match. Playing as possibly the only otaku-- I mean, "anime junkie"-- in a city called 'Santa Destroy' bent on literally destroying people? Sweet Jesus with a Tommy gun, I love it! Mind you, it's a little touchy as to the difference between a "HIGH" stance and a "LOW" one, which can often get annoying when you can't manage to slice the balls off an enemy because your Wiimote is stuck in "HIGH" stance.

The odd jobs are annoying as hell; I absolutely hated punching the trees to get coconuts for the vendor, but for 3,000LB$ a coconut, that's a bloody good haul! But the only thing that compares in poorness are the sub-assassination mission where you have to kill X amount of baddy Y to finally kill annoying fucker Z. But I will say this; the three elements that had me on the edge of my seat the whole freaking time:
- the ranking assassination battles between the top ten assassins in the world (and they just kept getting better... weirder but better);
- playing with my kitten Jeane, which I would do non-stop if I was desperately bored enough to, which sometimes I do get; and
- the random-chance mechanic which Yahtzee seemed to hate so much (going DBZ on random people in the middle of a fight is honestly extremely fun and extremely trippy).

Other things that could use work are the bike-riding system (where turning is pretty piss-poor at high speeds), the collision detection (where I could literally slice through enemies and do nothing, or literally hit a hair on the corner of a building and fly off my bike) and the upgrade system (which is basically one giant fetch quest across the city).

But for what it's worth, I still got it, because after trying to play all the mainstream series like Legend of Zelda, Super Mario and Metroid, things just quit being fun until this came along! I did not regret this decision, and nor will you!

Now see your fate through the eye of the tiger... let your sword guide your heart... RIDE INTO THE GARDEN OF MADNESS!

I could've dealt with Yahtzee personally liking the game for whatever reason: childhood head trauma, one too many tabs, schizophrenia...

But I just can't get over the fact that he recommends everyone to buy it. It deserves a rental at best, and that's if you're really tolerant of quick time events and tedium.

Best review I've seen for this game, well done!

A couple weeks ago, I finally got the game, partially on recommendation... and it's one of the funniest games I've ever played. The violence is so over-the-top and cartoonish it's impossible to take seriously, almost along the lines of Kill Bill, and Suda 51's characters are so gleefully over-the-top that I can't help but love them, even the ones I'm supposed to despise (which makes it a little hard to kill them, but I suppose it's better than despising characters the game wants you to like, which is what happens in most FPS's).

"[..]? Maybe the universe would end - and it would be awesome!" - since it took me and Google too long to figure out that this catchy phrase was invented here in the "No More Heroes" review I hereby hack the internet to find it faster next time.

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