What's Actually Good (In Comics) #8

What's Actually Good (In Comics) #8

Welcome to "What's Actually Good," the column that looks at the best the comics industry has to offer. This week, I review Brian Wood's Northlanders and provide some analysis and discussion of Ed Brubaker's Daredevil run so far. This as well as my weekly picks to come and news. Check it out!

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Thanks for the review!

As much as I like the concept, it's a bit counterintuitive - not to see thwarting - to run such a series without a _single_ picture included, be it merely covers or strips from inside the comics. :)

Actually they used to include pictures for me, usually the covers, the good editors were probably just a little too busy this week. So the series usually does include them, yeah. I'll shoot some along myself next week if you like. Till then, heres the cover for the first Northlanders (very pretty) as well as the cover for a recently issue of Daredevil (#100, if memory serves).



Next issue I'll be discussing how Zeb Wells should be the only writer for Amazing Spider-Man, it's a comic that is close to my heart so expect some impassioned ranting and good times by all.


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