Zero Punctuation: Condemned 2: Bloodshot

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Condemned 2: Bloodshot

This week on Zero Punctuation, Condemned 2: Bloodshot and the phrase "errant turds."

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Brilliant as usual.

The best so far

Ah, always sad to see something turn sour after a little while and shit all over itself with something that completely destroys the atmosphere.
Well, that hasn't happened with ZP so far and may it never!

Damn did the game really pull that story move too? Thats kinda sucks...

Good work as per usual.

theres so much controversy about this game, I was wondering if yahtzee was going to take a swing at it.

edit: wait, thats manhunt..

Thursday mornings just aren't the same without Yahtzee Croshaw

I actually just bought the original Condemned yesterday. Damn good game so far.

Edit: On-topic, great review as always.

I agree completely. I didn't get past the first level in this game without a sense of disappointment.

Brilliant and hilarious. It's unfortunate that the game took a dive off a cliff halfway through, but lucky for me I was planning on getting it and now Yahtzee just saved me $60. Instead I'll just go back to enjoying the original Condemned. Woo!

"Snooker loopy", brilliant.

You should really put these out as podcasts as well (if possible) I find them absolutely hilarious and I can watch them a thousand times over, but it would be nice to have them on an iPod! (or whatnot)

Made me snort and cast my mind back to the brix-shittery of Condemned. Oddly enough, I concurr with Yahtzee's opinion that many games tent to bail out with the 'Freaky Cult Did It' bullcrap which smacks of developers hitting a brick wall and instead of trying to be all enigmatic, instead bulldozing all previous success in a wave of obviousness and cliche'.

gd review and totally agree. i never played condemned 1 (shame on me) but i knew the basic story. i was really enjoying condemned 1 untill like you say the second half where it gets a bit 'super powerish' and theres assualt rifles everywhere. it became more of a mainstream action game at this stage rather than in the first half where u were constantly kept on edge by great level design, combat, atmosphere etc.

Best review for me since zelda and the "fagballs" one...

That bit about 'like the serial murder right behind you, don't turn around!' actually made me look over my shoulder ¬_¬

So from what I can get from both Condemned games is that the first had some good things going for it as well as some mishaps whereas the second one fixes some of those mishaps but creates some new ones... and it all boils done to whether or not you want to get the backstory by playing the first one first.

I'll probably check these out sometime.

Oh, and I'll gladly risk being hurled out of a plane and landing anus first on top of Winchester Cathedral in order to tell you, Yahtzee, that you MUST review Boom Blox for the Wii once it's released (May 6th-ish or so, and I checked Australia's release calender to confirm that this game will come to you at the same time that it will for your best friends across the ol' pond). I'd say you'd probably have a lot of fun making a review for this one, and we'll enjoy listening to it.

great as ever Yahtzee

i did enjoy Fahrenhiet (I'm English)but i do have to admit that the storyline got kinda messed up towards the end

i loled at the part about pulling superpowers out of his arse, so true

I was really hoping you'd review this game after i bought it and you did so good.

Great work one of your funniest yet

Plus for once i agree with pretty much everything you said first half of the game was great then shit started getting weird followed by a compleatly lame final boss fight. But kicking the shit out of the homeless was fun all the way along oh yeah and i didnt think the gun gameplay took away from the combat. ammo was scares the guns werent the easyest things to use either. I recon they could have improved NPC Ai though those FBI SCU agents couldnt shoot a fish in a barrel

The plot reference made me think of the pile of shit that is Assassins Creed's ending.

Okay, can we make it an offical law that all game devlopers must watch ZP before starting a game?

They could learn so bloody much by actually listening to reveiwers in general rather than just paying attention to metacritic to see how much everybody thinks their game sucks on a nice, 65-95 point scale.

it delivered the scaries (the level in the abandoned service station is possibly the scariest bit of any game i've played) but the utter stupidity of the plot, cheesy voice acting and shooting sections stop it from being a really great game. i want to play condemned 1 it sounds better. i wish they'd release it on ps3.

ZP shirts would be awesome. But not with big letters ZERO PUNCTUATION but just with a few black "enemy's" running around or something.

Great review as always! And yes, ZP shirts would rock.

So the Witcher wasn't a bad game after all?

Very well done and it reminded me of how terrifying Condemned 1 was and how shitty number 2 is. (Ha)

Normally with as most things on the internet good ideas go south quickly. You, Yahtzee, have true staying power and every week your reviews get better and better.

I, sir, am now standing alone in front of my computer giving you a standing ovation.

So the Witcher wasn't a bad game after all?

No, it was still a bad game.

Man, I signed up for this sight entirely because of ZP, although in exploring I have found other stuff, too. Very nice. After watching the review of Psychonauts, which I had planned on getting for PS2 before my little sister broke the playstation (I bought a new one, but never got around to buying psychonauts). I've lost my train of thought. Oh, right. Gonna download Psychonauts off of Gametap. It's free when you sign up for an account, which is also free.

"Hit me with you're rythm stick" made me laugh the most, in that context...

When will GTA4 be available in Australia? Never? Or sometime close to that?

Awesome, interesting how Yahtzee didn't comment on the game's controversy..

Oh yeah, I SO looked behind me for that serial killer. :P

haven't got either 1 or 2 but it seems i must get the 1st and avoid the second unless i go deranged and must play it for some stupid reason yes bring out ZP t-shirts would be awesome but KISS (keep it simple stupid)

Indigo Prophecy hit hard on the let down level exactly because up until miday it was feeling really good... then it spiraled down with mayan shamans and rogue artificial intelligences.

awesome, awesome. As ever.

I'd love some ZP shirts. note how i'm using the plural. buttons too. you could also produce yahtzee hats with a band on it that says "zero punctuation" on one side and the URL of the escapist on the other side) and i'm sure they'll sell if yahtzee himself autographs some of them.

it's a cheap trick but it works.

Definitely a great addition. I was pretty good with the entire game, except for the final boss. That really annoyed me. Everything else, I could deal with.

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