Zero Punctuation: Condemned 2: Bloodshot

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Lol, I was watching this at night and when he said, "In fact there's a serial killer standing behind you right now, but don't look because that'll really piss him off," I turned around just to make sure. ;P

......AWESOME! but the serial killer didn't like the fact that you gave him away to me.

My favourite episode of Yahtzees

Just a shame that nowhere in the game do they actually say 'ancient mystical cult'. Pft.

I need to dig out SimCity 3000 Unlimited and make a city called "Whatever-the-hell-city-this-is-ville"

bah. Indigo prophecy was a fine piece of adventure (its not really a game as most of it is auto-pilot). The more games of that matter instead of, say, alien rip-offs, the better.

You heard it here first folks. Skyrim ripped of shouting from Condemned.

For what it's worth, Condemned 1 actually did go a bit snooker loopy 'round the 95% mark as well.
Once you're done dealing with the serial killer in the creepy house you wind up transported to some mystical farm-ish area where you beat the stuffing out of some culty monster dudes before squaring off against the lovechild of Pyramid Head and a samurai in a no-holds-barred face-beating contest. The boss fight itself was a pretty good one that really did put your aptitude with the combat to the test (rather than just making their head explode) but it did dive rather significantly off the deep end.

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