Inside Job: Toward the Future of Game Design

Inside Job: Toward the Future of Game Design

Following this month's "student series"-final game design degree treatment, this week we have for your review some commentary on the study of game design from three different corners of this issue.

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Interesting read. It was nifty to get the different perspectives on what makes a game designer.

So as a believer in liberal education, especially for a 'soft' skill like game design, I don't really recommend anything except to learn critical thinking. Liberal education is all about learning the most skillful and clever way to ask the question 'why?' and I still believe that is perhaps the most core capability to being an advanced game designer.

I agree with this, though I don't think a liberal arts education is the only way to get it (says the guy with an engineering degree, hur hur).

So using this new information, how would the ideal curriculum change?

It's going to be a busy 2-3 years for me at my new school.

I don't think there's a typical ideal CV.
Especially less if you think in terms of formation, at the moment, and less in terms of experiences.
Besides, each type of project, either being directly related to GD or not, will warrant very different profiles.

I have read your full article but i think it not about the job towards the future game designer it was bit different perspectives on how to become a game designer.


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