Smile and Nod: Turn Based

Smile and Nod: Turn Based

If I could have paused the sun, located my jogging pants, stopped a second to thoroughly tie my shoes, found my iPod without tearing apart the whole house and tripping over the dog and gotten out the door without knocking over old paperwork snowdrifts I'd been neglecting for months, I'd have been a lot happier. But life is not turn-based. In life, the other guy is moving during your turn, too.

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The boxhead link on the first page isn't working for me.

The link is broken. However, beyond that I really like boxhead: more rooms and consider it to be the best of the bunch. Not too crazy about the multiplayer possibilities for some reason.

While TZW looks and feels really neat at first, the lack of all those cool weapons to destroy the hoards of zombies just left me a little frustrated. I didn't want any strategy, but more gloriously gritty & pretty Boxhead!

Link fixed. I blame zombies.

Anyone else here having trouble seeing the second page? I click on the link for page 2 and just get page 1 all over again.

I tried out 2 Rooms. Damn you Russ, i need to sleep tonight.

... and now page 2 is there. It's like magic or something. Magical internets.


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