Zero Punctuation: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

This week on Zero Punctuation, Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

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2nd!!!!! would have been first but had to sign up my account lol :( o well, 2nd is good 2

Very funny review! Possibly one of the best.

And I feel really sorry for Yahtzee... People should let him review whatever he wants to.

For saying he avoids multiplayer, Yahtzee sure seems to know a lot about gaming with other people.

One of the ways I've judged fighting games is by how often an experienced player wins against button-mashers.

Woho! Another weekly masterpiece! Justice has been done to this shitty game that gets boring after 5 minutes!

yes! finally someone who does not jump up and down like a fan crazy girl about one for the many Nintendo games that should have not been many to millions of spin offs and so

Gyah you all beat me to it. Hey Tom, James

O_o That was scathing even by the yahtzee standard. Most of that wasnt even a review rather a rant.... Funny though so all is good in the world ^_^

Aw Yahtzee, I thought you had given up on reviewing a game by request, in all honesty I was surprised to see you reviewing it. If your hate for MMORPG or any kind of J-RPG has taught me anything it's that you're full of hate for most things like it. Though if you're like most, and clearly you are, you weren't expecting a shit long story you had to plow through.

lol, i like this game better than halo 3, because i actually have a chance of winning using my old standard: randomly mashing buttons. another great review yahtzee :)

that was so sweet, a friendof mine has been bitching about brawl for the last three fucking months, so i was pleased to show him this and see him getting angry. ah well, he is the worst nintendo fanboy ever. what im trying to say is: that was another great review.

A smashing review there. Well Done.

Dang, I was hoping he'd tell us who the fuck Marth is, because even I don't know.

Excellent, as ever. Probably the most cuttingly concise summary of Nintendo fanboys I've ever seen. I know a few people I can piss off with this.

WTF was up with plugging that game trading store? Maybe I'm just in a pissy mood because I like SSB, but I found that rather annoying.

all good true points. I honstly would only play this game with vodka at hand and at least two types of drugs

well done yahtzee, you've done what had to be done, i've never seen smash bros as anything more than a (mildly fun) random button mashing game

Snake AND Sonic are only unlockables! god damn it Nintendo maybe i'll just stick to SSBM

oh and snake would never slit a throat in this game anyway, it's nintendo isn't it?

Thank you for saying publicly what the weaker nerds that are afraid of their fighting games fanboy counterparts have been trying to say for years. Fighting games suck.

Arg - I honestly quite like Smash Bros, and for, as you suggested, the spectacle of it, being able to sit down and simply thrash about with the controls for a while, somehow managing to pummel my soon-to-be-ex-mates into oblivion.

Nonetheless, unlocking characters in any game will always suck sweaty, hairy balls.


Fantastic as always!

great review yahtzee, nicely done.

That was awesome.. Yeah, unlockables are a pain.. I've noticed that when I've been testing games in public places. "where are all the characters?"

I've tried Brawl.. my friend owned me at it, but it was fun nonetheless (what isn't more fun than hurling someone into the camera or scenerey?).

2nd!!!!! would have been first but had to sign up my account lol :( o well, 2nd is good 2

Another person deserving a ban.

I was only looking forwards to this game to see Snake in ZP style :P Great review as always Yahtzee.

haha I'm so showing this to any nintendo fanboys i know

Again this was really worth Hitting F5 for some minutes now (I am sorry, Escapist Traffic ;) ), no, but seriously: I especially liked the endpart and the smashing Typo.

But again, I had to listen twice to get most of it and I am still very looking forward to a transcript.

Thank you again.

Personally I like the ZP reviews better, where there is more of, mh, deeper game critique, some positive sides and not 4 awesome minutes of bile and disgust (one could really feel it), but that is my personal view and yes, the rambling part in the other reviews is mostly much more fun.

edit "deeper game critique" doesnt really say what I mean. more... 'equal* with good sides as well to really contrast the bad parts. But I really understand how this is not possible here :D

Hah! It's funny cause it's true. Don't get me wrong, I love Brawl, but seriously, the single player made me want to bore my eyes out with a rusty-screwdriver.

Haven't watched the video yet and I can already see that this board once again attracts total idiots.

Guess that's to be expected by now though.

I'm sad to say this is the first Zero Punctuation review I didn't enjoy. not because I feel the need to defend my Wii purchase, I'm well aware the modest white obelisk has been gathering dust since a week after Resident Evil 4 was released on it and I got tired of rescuing the president's daughter on a jetski - a scenario I never imagined would grow tiresome before performing it but twice.

Sadly, the review swayed further from vitriolic mockery of the games flaws and more to what I feel was rather unnecessary hatred for the game, the console, fans of the game and people who visit the Escapist once a week to hear some well-connected words they can then proceed to abuse verbatim until the next pussy-slurping installment. I felt as though I was some sort of bottom-feeding, scum-sucking waste of human life for daring to click the play button and can't help but feel offended by this unwarranted assault even though I fall squarely outside the target area of this verbal bombardment.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmahvolus! Simply marvelous.

Lovely review!

I agree whole-heartedly with this review. Thumbs up :D

Great review. When I first played the game I thought it was great. Then after an hour or so of play my friends also went to unlock characters. That made the reviews of 10 out of 10 I have been seeing of the game a bunch of...was it c*nt gargling b.s.? Game is a solid 6 or 7 just for the 1 player aspect alone ruins the fun any of the game would have. I would give it more of a good game then a meh, but we all know how Yahtzee is.

Superb, just superb. Particularly the Bill Murray gag.

Great work. I'll probably end up picking up the game after they spend 9 months checking the game script for the word "spaz", but still, excellent points are made, and I'll probably think more about laying down my not-so-hard earned cash.


So much hate in one review... So much hate...

Alas, I have no Wii, but I've played SSB on the N64 and I must say that it's one of the best console multiplayer games ever. I mean, we would play 10 minute rounds for six hours straight and we would probably play it even more wouldn't we have to eat/sleep and occasionally drink...
But having to unlock the 2 characters everybody was mostly looking forward to was probably the worst move Nintendo could have made.

I have only 1 critic related to your review and that is the inclusion of Soul Calibur among the 3 examples of button mashers. The game is hardly a button masher, and I've found out that winning against someone who actually knows how to play the game is nearly impossible if you're a novice.

All in all, I like this review, your arguments are backed up, and that's what's important.

i hate THAT guy too
ssb is an over-rated-fan-boy-wet-dream

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