147: How to Cheer Yourself Up

How to Cheer Yourself Up

"You know what's hilarious? All the sad buggers. People who live in the richest countries in the history of the world; with cheap food and free porn; where syphillis, typhoid and rat plagues are no longer the usual ways to die; with endless entertainment and all kinds of science fiction awesomeness happening every day ... and whine about it."

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Its contagous, your experiences here sure gave me a good chuckle.

"New Zealanders should be unseen and in a herd" - Instant classic quote, excellent for my New Zealander boss over here in aus!

You said in the first paragraph that we have endless entertainment but whine about it. Maybe entertainment isn't the way to cheer yourself up then, it must be something else that's bringing you down. Trying to cure it with the wrong medicine ie laughing medicine, won't work or may even make things worse.

>An unbelievably sadistic torture session

This link (http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/issues/issue_147/torture%20session) doesn't go anywhere. Granted, for something on YouTube to be described as torturous, we're probably better off not seeing it.

Somebody has been reading Kafka have they? Good for you.

Somebody has been reading Kafka have they? Good for you.

I've always found Camus to be a rather cheery fellow. However, when I need a good pick me up, some good music definitely helps. I've been in a shit mood all week, and I was hoping that this article might give me a little morale boost, but no dice. The Iggy Pop I had on the background did some good, though.

Anyone else think the picture on the headline looks a lot like Jim Carrey?

You should listen to Tom Waits.

BTW: every youtube video you linked to has been taken down so can you please explain what the hell was in those links or just get new ones. Whatever's easier.

This is my current favorite funny you tube video:


If that doesn't cheer you up, you must have a soul or something.

It's quite ironic that all the joyful videos and threads that were linked have been removed, deleted, or expired. Goes to show ya'; anything pleasant on the net has the Faustian quality of vanishing before you can appreciate it.


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