Review: Empire Earth III

Review: Empire Earth III

Empire Earth III is much simpler than its forbearers, and it would be hard to imagine anyone familiar with the real-time strategy genre having trouble picking up its meager concepts. But even this simplicity is not pulled off without a hitch: it turns out imposing a Protoss/Zerg/Terran-type trichotomy onto a nominally historical game has the potential to come across as, um, kind of racist.

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As much as I would dare to disagree with you as a dear lover of the first 2 games.. I have to bow to the sheer disaster this "game" is. It has nothing to do with the franchise of Empire Earth but instead tries to be Starcraft and Warcraft without the humour or the story.

R.I.P Empire Earth

Spot on review.

As a member of the design team that created the original Empire Earth, as well as making nominal contributions to EE:Art of Conquest before it was handed over to Mad Doc, I deeply appreciated this review. It stands as a cautionary tale to all PC strategy developers who are tempted to employ a formulaic approach to an elusive art form. Not only does the reviewer give a succinct, insightful critique of the game's shortcomings, he also gives an object lesson in the broader philosophies of game design. This is writing at its best.

But getting back to EE3...

What all developers can learn from this game is that there is no formula for capturing lightning in a bottle. Every game has its own inner heartbeat, and the developer's job is to listen to it.

Now that Mad Doc has been bought by Rockstar Games, perhaps VUG/Sierra will see its way to using those guys to make EE4. But I have a better suggestion...

It's time for a smart game company executive to go find Rick Goodman, the original creator of Empire Earth, and give him as much money as he needs to build the Empire Earth sequel only he can envision. This game needs to be returned to the loving hands of the visionary game designer who first brought it into the world.

I completely agree, this is the best candidate for the worst game of ever. It's absolute rubbish.Spot on review

Of course, being ugly as sin didn't help the game any. Have you *seen* EE3's world map? The thing's hideous.

my brother tricked me into buying this evil monstrosty

Medic Heavy:
my brother tricked me into buying this evil monstrosty

I have no one to blame but myself. I plan on selling it to a "good" friend of mine.

I agree wholeheartedly with this review and with the member of the original design staff. I have been a lover of this franchise for years now and when i saw that a third installment of this wonderful franchise was coming out I literally was beaming with joy. Yet when i saw that this monstrosity was what this glorious game series had been boiled down to well I cant even describe my disappointment.

In short all I have to say is this please do not let this happen in the forth installment. Give the game back to the man who made it the wonderful gaming experience that we all came to love and replay constantly.


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