Zero Punctuation: Grand Theft Auto IV

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Grand Theft Auto IV

This week, Grand Theft Auto IV.

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I love this game
Right from start to finish, awesome.
So very good.
That's all I have to say about that.

Awesome and accurate!! :D Quite liked the beggining ^^

Thanks again yahtzee

Ploughed through two mailboxes and an accountant, I laughed.

Fantastic review. That's another great cmpilation of marvelous critics.
I'm really nervous and can't wait for the next ZP!

EDIT: not =[

No Yahtzee posting this time around?


Those trees ruin propellers on your helicopter too :( They are frickin invincible... how do the paper companies do it??

Also, I kept trying to pick up dates in my helicopter, and after about 30 minutes of doing it, I finally got it to work, and she mentioned nothing about it :( But she noticed my new pants ><

You surpassed yourself this time, Yahtzee.


Lot of jokes crammed in there, heh. Loved the T-Rex one for some reason. >_<

dammit! I wanted the first comment!

Totally agree with the lightpoles vs trees comment. Shits me to tears.

Good game though.

Even though he absolutely fucking loved it, we'll still end up with a shitstorm. Most likely a PS3 vs 360 argument.

This review is definitely gonna produce some moaners, still gonna buy it though cos after exams I have loads of time to play it, get in.

Very good, I had being refreshing my brower because I'm bored. Yea it does suck about the police chases beign over very quickly, and liberty city is boring.. That is what was good about San Andreas! Cops were relentless and hell bent of busting you, one way or the other! And there was plenty of playing space! With planes! Apaches! And etc!

Good show on this!

Never ever ever going to review mario kart wii, WOOHOO!

I was really looking forward to this review and I'm not disappointed. Excellent humor and you did seem to bitch a lot about the stuff that makes the game so imerssive. But since I have this strange fantasy that you play every game with a big cup of tea filled with vodka I'll let that slide.

:) Funny as always

User was banned for this post


Why do people keep on banning people who comment first, get a life just let them comment.

Such a bummer I haven't gotten a chance to play it yet.

Only thing i like about gta is running people down in a large car/truck.

The fist fights and gun fights are crap.

Even though he absolutely fucking loved it, we'll still end up with a shitstorm. Most likely a PS3 vs 360 argument.


good review

Head over to the [email protected] shop and check for an email from your mother. Hit reply.

Not really a mission, but it's still writing a letter to your mother.

Haha, Yhatzee beaten in his own topic.. How ironic!

While I haven't had the fortune to play the game yet (thus alienating myself from any game-based conversation for the next three months), I'm happy that with everyone giving GTA IV a perfect ten that there are still people who can point out its faults without sounding needlessly petty about it.

And it was funny to boot. Goodie.

YAY, GTA4. nice job reviewing. and i do wonder why rock star does need to make you do thos BS missions

Great review, but I gotta ask, Yahtzee. In your opinion, do you think the game is truly worthy of the "PERFECT 10" rating that it seems to be earning from the "professional" (see: paid to give good reviews through sponsorship) game critics? As good as the game is, I find it hard to believe that it is the flawless, end-all-be-all of gaming that every site out there is trying to get us to believe.

Russ Pitts..?

Great Review... Really liked the T-rex joke XD

Although I first was disappointed to see that GTA is playing in LC again, I'm now somewhat disappointed that there is nothing I fuckin' recognize in this city ^^ *weird* Still a great game ;)

Typical Yahtzee :D Trying to piss everyone off :D

Well, you can't complain about his consistency or his fairness can you?

ahhh im not first

great review tought
and funny

I've heard so many people saying GTA 4 sucks but also loads saying that it's awesome.
Thanks Yahtzee for clearing it up.

so true about the 'friend' missions slowing down the pace, about halfway through I just turned off my phone until the story was up.

also, good news about mario kart :D

Grand Theft Biggleswade kept me laughing for ages.

Between Watching the video and Time Of Clicking Register-24 comments

1 minute later 32 comments :D

Great Review as always, made me chuckle i personally love GTAIV i was slightly skeptical on first impressions but it is an awsome game

"intelligent game reviews with a slight hint of schitzophrenia"
^Classic :D

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