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Drawn by Pain is the Webby Award-winning, mixed live-action/animated series in twelve parts. Starting Monday, May 19th, The Escapist will premiere a new episode of Drawn by Pain plus additional commentary from the creators of this ground-breaking, award-winning series.


I am very much looking forward to this one. This one is completely up my alley.

Woah, freaky.

To be honest this trailer dident pique my enthusiasm but it did my interest. Big points for originality.

I look forward to see a proper episode but the sound mixing and music in this trailer was rather uncomfortable.

You blokes at the Escapist seem to be on a quest to bring every interesting online video series to your throne. What was the motivation for bringing Drawn by Pain here? I dont mean that in as if the thing is bad, but does it belong on a game's related site?

I was seriously getting creeped out by the scene of the girl in the closet and the man leering over her.

Speculating: Powered by imagination powers, where stuff drawn by the mind becomes real, like some sort of psionic blade and armor?

It looks interesting but I'm not sure if I would like it. Time will tell.

eh, definetly something different here. You guys do seem to be building up your library of videos. Unforgotten Realms and ZP are great so maybe this will be too. Or maybe it'll just give me nightmares.

Well, it is The Escapist... 'bout time you guys had something this surreal. I assume its like Penny Crayon except with more violence.

For some reason I was instantly reminded of Devil May Cry 4, when the graphical play started. Aside from that I got a pretty good wibe from this, and I look forward to seeing the first episode.

As a nWoD Storyteller and Changeling: the Lost enthusiast, I'll be sure to appreciate some of the more surreal imagery & scenes :)

This would make a cool video game.

Hrmh, this is different. We've been spoilt by the lighthearted comical videos so far, the effect of something much darker should be interesting.

This was rather intense... much more so than what I was expecting. Is this the tone that you are planning to keep for your series? I applaud your artistic skills. Without a doubt, it is a very impressive, unique video. However, it seems very dark, even gruesome at times, compared to the other articles and videos posted on the Escapist. I'll keep an eye on it, but I'm not sure if I am up for something so grim.

Now I like grim, surprisingly ;), but it does seem a little incongruous.

Holy sh*t! D:

Now THAT was unexpected. At first, it seemed like some emo cr*p, and later it turned out to be... some emo cr*p. It's very fancy looking though, so I'll give it a try. Those drawings remind me of Naruto and Samurai 7. And yeah, this something different for a change. Having drawn anime superpowers fueled by pure feral rage is awesome. Hmm, gotta see a full episode...

Started off a little slow, but I like the combination of video and animation. Very fitting audio as well, not to mention the chick is pretty hot :)

I have had this dream before but instead of me attacking them they attacked me and their faces turned into demons first but then i drew a blade out of my back and slaughtered them all that was a wierd dream. sorry kind off wierd i know.

Way too much DMC and RE in one night

mmmm pain. Pain is always fun.

Looks great


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