Mirth and Melancholy: The Age of Conan Launch Party

Mirth and Melancholy: The Age of Conan Launch Party

Jordan Deam travels 4,000 miles to party with Vikings, eat a $27 sandwich and check out Funcom's Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures.


Although its really not a surprise with that sort of budget, you must definitely praise Funcom for such an elaborate PR effort. Really, the game may not live up to the hype, but looking at articles at these alone make me think that it can't be that disappointing, all in all, at all.

Preordered and wetting myself in anticipation over AoC, personally. My brother's got early access and he's wetting himself while playing it, so I think it's passed some tests.

The combat system and graphics live up to expectations, it's wonderful.

Great article. Very well written.

I´m norwegian and I live in Oslo (10 min. walk from the central station) and it was fun to read about the impressions of Oslo and norwegians. Loved the comments about Turbonegro by the way.

I´m not a big fan of MMORPGs myself but I guess I should give AoC a try since it was developed down the street and all. Can´t wait for Dreamfall Chapters though...

Loved it

Question: First picture - what is that man doing holding the sword so close to that baby for!? Grr...

Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed how candid this piece was, almost felt Noir, like some detective story.

You know what I think the point of promotional parties like this are? So, someone who talks to a lot of people, say a reporter, goes and tells people about this great party they went to - you know, the [insert game name here] party. Is all the extravagance worth it in the end? Sure, unless you are so naive to believe products sell themselves, sometimes you need to associate your game with glamor, to paint it in a rose colored brush ... to that end, I think "Booth Babes" were one of those trying to sell games by word of mouth were one of their greatest assets, as guy's are notorious for sharing stories about ladies who spark one's libido.


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