Kung Fu Grip: GTA IV: Rejected Niko Auditions

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The escapist is going overboard with the video series now.
First we get Zero Punctuation which everyone loves and the escapist gains a lot more visitors.
Then we get de rez which isn't bad, certainly worth a watch.
And now we've come to this. In short, it wasn't funny at all.

gotta say that wasnt all that good, only thing holding them up is twists one didnt see coming, pokahontas beeing a prostitute, harry potter raping and killing hermione etc, never saw those comments coming :P

It's quite strange seeing this on the board when there are far better shows that are more relevant to the Escapist : Street Fighter-The Later Years, Ask a Ninja, Yu-gi-oh: The Abridged Series etc.

Oh my if The Escapist started featuring Ask A Ninja I might just have to track down the editors & hug them inappropriately :-D...actually best not coz that will probably lessen the likelyhood of it being featured if I threaten things like that :-P

Knight Templar:
Am I the only one who liked it?

No. It made me chuckle once or twice. It's got mindless humour, the type I can just sit down and let wash over me. But, meh, if you don't like it, then ah well.

For constructive criticism, I would say that the jokes were a bit unclear, and the use of dolls is like everybody else on the 'net. so maybe use some other prop, if you can. Good luck for your next one.

Wow!! Fantastically Funny! I'm shocked that so many people thought otherwise. I can't wait to see the next one!!

Wow, that was by far the worst video I have seen on the escapist.
Please don't do that again.
The only way it could have been worse is if it had a Snakes On A Plane reference.


I find this better than the Drawn by Pain thing

You fail.
This and Drawn by Pain are two completely different kinds of genres. Sorry but I tire of that kind of argument.

On topic This needs to be taken off of the escapist and thrown into a very large pit of burning acid and maybe throw a couple of killer sharks in there for good measure.

I actually cracked up at this :P

They better get better fast if they expect me to watch.

Knight Templar:
Am I the only one who liked it?

I thought I was for a second too when I started reading these comments ... Really how could anyone hate the Halo finish? (Halo 3 Still in Stores).

What is this shit? That was the most boring load of balls I've ever seen made by someone who clearly has an over the top obsession with action figures and Russian speaking Native Indians...

Just, WTF, man!?

Can we not get over playing with our toys? I guess i will just cut myself some more.

the harry potter thing pissed me of. have u ever met a british person??????
WERE NOT ALL FUKING COCKNEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im surprised no 1 else has commented on this repetitive stereotype!

mind you the halo bit made me laugh....

Give me those 3 minutes of my life back... please. I'd pay money to forget this experience

second on that!

Squishface Mcgloop:
Give me those 3 minutes of my life back... please. I'd pay money to forget this experience

second on that!

That can be arranged me and my freind mr bat will help for the sum of £49.99 a minute.

Ugh, there was nothing here that I haven't seen done better elsewhere. Maybe if this video was posted on newgrounds or somewhere similar it would be better received, but, alas not here

Good work.


^ When is that not funny?

Jeez ... everyone's a critic eh?

I think you guys are being way too harsh! That was actually VERY VERY funny. When I saw Meeko yelling at Pocahontas as her pimp I was rolling! That was so unexpected. And the Halo 3 bit at the end - who can argue with that? Give them some time...I think they're only going to get funnier!

Neville Longbottom, your ass is MINE!

Too too funny!! Can't wait to see more auditions!! couldn't help but laugh at this ... well done!!

I thought it was great. I love Harry Potter as a rapist, and OJ's cameo!


Really guys? I thought it was pretty good. Anything that finishes with rogue master chiefs killing everybody is gold in my book.

Wow, troll much?

Um, I just randomly came across this video while trying desperately to not get any work done at my job- but sorry I had the nerve to disagree with you.

The internet would be ever so much fun if everybody had the exact same sense of humor.

I decided to watch this video again because I remembered how much it made me laugh, and I needed a laugh!! why? because I just finished watching the latest episode from "drawn by pain." and decided I needed a laugh (their stuff is good, it's just so depressing.) AND, INDEED this video made me laugh ... AGAIN!! I'm looking forward to see what they come up with next.

does anyone know when this series comes out?

believe or not i saw the new one first and kinda like this one more. i laughed even harder. keep up the good work guys and keep those videos coming.

I could've done more boring things than watching this film. I had smiled sometimes.

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