153: Killing Me Softly

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I used to work in computer game retail hear in the uk and I had no joke several mothers come into to buy grand theft auto vice city (this was few years ago) and San Andreas for there kids who were 4 years old it was messed up. I tried talking them out of it but they all went for it whats wrong with people!

when it comes to any media, all parents are stupid, not just when it comes to videogames. I work in a movie theater, and I can't tell you all the times a parent has brought a kid with them to a R movie, and I warn them how bad it is, than come out and get mad at me when something scares the kid, or they see something violent, or they see nudity. luckliy we're allowed to have more of a "I told you so" attitude

Great article, except the end, which feels like it's going into a full section about the psychology behind the situation, and then doesn't. The article really could have gone for another page happily.

You know, I'm not surprised. She was blond. However, parents need to stop caring what their kids play. They see worse on the news, and on shows like CSI and any medical reality show.

I hate to say but games are a bit snuff...

As a former Gamesman employee, I've had my share of these kinds of experiences.

I would always give them to my manager, he always knew how to deal with someone who was acting like a looney.

i dont like kids who get allowed to play grand theft auto and so, only makes them anoying teenagers and adults thinking they can do whatever they want, for my part i was actually allowed to play some 18+ games when i was 14 since i wasent much of a i will kill you all the time, seemingly im happy since it was 14 and my parents took it more or less calm since they know how i was and know i wouldent let a game effect my behavior, after that i seem to turn out well since i tihnk if i got it as a 10 year old i would be very f****** up

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