Smile and Nod: The Escapist at the Webbys

Smile and Nod: The Escapist at the Webbys

Russ Pitts returns home from the Webby party in Manhattan to play Russian Roulette, Jelly Belly style.


I also recommend a vodka martini "up" at the Gotham Bar and Grill next time you're in town.

It is, to quote a dipsomaniacal co-worker of mine, "the very best martini you're likely to find in this country or any other."


^say wat?

Surprisingly that's almost the exact image I had in my head of what you looked liked from listening to gwj/escapist radio.

Damn, I'm a good photographer! :P And you guys were having way too much fun, such that it needed documentation.

Also, Skunk Spray Jelly Bellies are of the Devil. >.<

Fun write-up, Russ!

I just want to say well done. On behalf of everyone thank you. Its great to be a member.

Now you've done it, I'm sitting here trying to think up the coolest possible five words. (And failing.)

Incidentally, Mojitos are Caipirinhas for wusses. ;-P

Five-word speeches? I'm sure the Oscars could do with that - we could be in and out in under an hour if we cut out all the wittering on.

Good to see that gaming/web award ceremonies are starting to go upscale, though, steak and (I assume) free booze? Damn, I've got to start breaking into the industry.

And masochistic Jelly Bellys? Want...

I look so charming... Also - I love the backlit pic with you three.

One of the reasons I love the Escapist: the first page of an article about the Webby Awards is mostly about booze and exotic jelly beans.

Couldn't find the drugs so, well...



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