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This week, Yahtzee takes apart the making of a successful gaming webcomic, or: how to make millions of gamers happy with the minimum amount of effort.


Oh lord this was awesome.

Not a CAD fan I take it.

So what you're saying is 'don't be Tim Buckley'. I thought that was an unspoken rule.

lol thats a nice break from reviewing games, still funny as always.

i dont read very many webcomics so i dont think i can relate very well.

i still thought it was good but ive seen much better.

That was great.

wow CAD got ripped.........................o well worse things happen at sea

hehe, so do you draw yourself or get someone else to?

great guide tnx ^^

People still read CAD? Scary.

LMAO. Insightful :), loved it.

As much as it was obvious that you were taking a shot at a webcomic I happen to like, I must say that my broad sense of humor found much enjoyment in this which is probably more than I can say for anyone who cusses you out after this is linked to on the CAD forums.

EDIT: Speaking of which, I decided to venture onto the forums there and found that there was already a thread on this video. I ended up finding this little gem.

"i like him, hes a funny guy...but theres no reason for him to make fun of something just cause he doesnt like it."

I thought that was the point of most of Yahtzee's reviews?

Also, Buckley himself locked the thread and said that everyone is entitled to their opinion. That kinda negates your whole drama argument now.

Absolutely titslappingly awesome. What a great break from gaming reviews, and I totally agree with you on all points. It's about damned time somebody as public as Yahtzee took on the towering monstrosity that is CAD. ... and others too, I guess.

I doubt CAD will link it. Hell, he didn't link Explosm after their comic.

Amazing. Awesome work Yahtzee!!!

I did NOT like the CAD bashing.

I still read CAD, and even I found your criticisms funny, which I guess makes me better than Tim Buckley.

Hehe, what shenanigans shall erupt from this one?

As for the video itself, I can only conclude important information such as franchising and starting an epic flamewar with a fellow miscreant will follow in a sequel.

At least, I hope so.

HAHA! WAM! Right in Buckley's kisser.

I still read CAD, it's still worth a laugh from time to time, but it's not nearly what it used to be.

Above all else, from what he writes, Buckley seems to be a total ass. I always tolerated it when the comic was good and funny, but now, I am slowly starting to move it down the short list of comics I read regularly.

The only web comic I've ever read entirely was "Concerned: The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman". It was rather droll, witty, and sidesplitting.

CAD > Penny Arcade

I suppose would of found it more interesting and funny if i read web comics.

I did NOT like the CAD bashing.

Indeed. I for one find this to be a gross miscarriage of justice.

I'm very tempted to say "OHHH BURNNN!" but it seems like the kind of thing that'll get me banned, so i'll only quote myself.

I'm surprised yahtzee's still gnawing at his beef with Tim Buckley, enough to make a video about it.

On an off note, 'Married to the Sea' is an example of an awesome web comic.

It has nothing to do with video games though.

Unexpected, but still quite funny. Still, be nice to have some games out so you can rip of them, the new star wars games, Fable 2, Starcraft etc etc.

It must be said, Buckley is a tosser and I am starting to seriously wonder about his sadist or not since he openly admitted he'd planned this miscarriage storyline since he started the engagement storyline, which was two years ago. Now, I realise it is a comic and therefore not real, but I was under the illusion that CAD was supposed to be funny (mostly) and if he can nurture a storyline like that for two years for a supposedly funny webcomic, he's just fucking sick. Time to call in the boys with the straight jackets and massive erec...I mean, syringes.

I'm tolerant of weak humour, but even I admitted CAD was pretty much beyond hope when the dramalicious miscarriage storyline was carried out. And Explosm's parody of it was one of the most entertaining things I've seen in a little while.

... On that note, a very subtle potshot this video. A very entertaining, very subtle potshot.

Well despite the overt referencing of CAD's recent storyline (and I'm sure Buckley is already quivering with excitement thinking of the witty, wordy retort he's going to come up with in a comic posted 6-8 months from now) the general idea really can be applied to every gaming-related webcomic there is - Penny Arcade included, but I think they grandfather out by actually being the grandfathers of gaming webcomics and generally not sucking.

I need to sleep now, and I'll be surprised if there's less than ten pages of hate-slinging at CAD from people who've probably never bothered to read it by the time I wake up. Not that I'm saying it isn't justified or anything, but... actually, there is no but. Commence posting of 4chan memes.

Hehehe, Stammer got banned. Good job this week Yahtzee! Reminded me alot of Homestar Runner's flash about webcomics as well.

Hypocrisy FTW!

The only web comic I've ever read entirely was "Concerned: The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman". It was rather droll, witty, and sidesplitting.


I have to whole heartedly agree with the review, CAD has gone so far up its own arse it can stick its hand out its mouth.

The rampant fanboism on the CAD forum, over the miscarriage story was some kind of EMO explosion that was sickening to witness.

I suppose would of found it more interesting and funny if i read web comics.

My sentiments exactly.

Yea-yeah! First post. Don't know why that's so special, I just decided to be the first one for once ^^

I always wonder if it's worth the banning that always follows.....

Pretty good one, Yahtzee really doesn't like CAD does he?!

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