Videogame Theater: Defenders of the Universe

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This was the best episode yet, which isn't a good thing.

I'm not saying this series is awful, infact its very original. I enjoy seeing puppet versions of video game characters. But the humor in it is VERY awful, so is the plot of each episode.

Harry Tatcher:
It's true.

I keep coming back.

That's because I like the content.

Coming back to something you like strikes me as rational.

I agree with you. Also, complaining about something that you don't like strikes me as rational too. We're all being rational, though those of us who hate the show may be (certainly are) more hostile about it. You do your thing. We'll do ours. There seems to be more people who dislike, rather than like, VGT. However, it appears that your side is winning because the massive flood of defecation (smelly poo) that the rest of us have poured out in the comment sections of this series hasn't prevented it from being featured by the escapist. (yet)

That was completely unfunny, and didn't really seem to be video game related at all, other than it featured a spaceship and so do some games...

At least it wasn't as cringe inducing as usual though.

That was completely unfunny, and didn't really seem to be video game related at all, other than it featured a spaceship and so do some games...

Classic videogames featured or referenced in "VGT: Defenders of the Universe" (off the top of my head):

Missile Command
Robotron 2084
Space Invaders
Battle Zone
N64 system

Know your history.

Soo, I see what you did there when she sings "rain of fire". If I remember right Lavos from Chrono Trigger has a spell that sounds like that and that it shoots red lasers on the battlefield, I might just be plain wrong but it certainly feels like that when I listen to it.

Also, I love the song and lyrics (especially Robotron 2084) so keep up the good work.

VGT Scott Chernoff:
Know your history.

Know your role.

Roody-poo candy....

Sorry...I got carried away. No more WWE for me.

So bad its good.

Lot of people seem to hate this (and watch it every week) and yet its about as good as De-Rez, Zero Punctuation being the only reason to visit this site of course but I still watch every episode of Videogame Theatre and the aforementioned De-Rez along with Yahtzees latest installment.

The plot seems very half-arsed in comparison to the effort that has clearly gone into the aesthetic qualities (in an obvious contrast to Yahtzee). Having said that I don't know anything else around that is quite like it even if most of the decent gags are stolen off more successful shows, also in its defence it does have puppet sex and is quite badass.

Whatever, just keep the show going and don't let it get any worse (Donkey Kong episode).

I hated it enough to take 20 seconds out of my day to let you know.

there is nothing here, it keeps repeated the same thing over and over again. I was going to watch the others but now I'm pretty sure I don't want to.

I shut it off about halfway through the girl's rap. Maybe the robot's rap was funny, maybe it wasn't, but I shouldn't have to sift through 4 minutes of mediocre writing and poor execution to get to the good stuff. Congratulations on continuing to miss the mark.

I have to commend you on the animation. I think it's very well done, and kudos for that. The way it's been edited and the fluidness of the animation is very nice. Good work on that.

Of course, I'm in the 'writing suXX0rZ' wagon, but better luck next time.

Nobody mentioned the Vectrex.


Im not the biggest fan of VGT but I thought this episode was better than the rest!
I did actually enjoy it haha

This one was up there with the Mario/Kong one. I thought it was pretty funny, and catchy.

I liked it... especially the use of ROBOTRON.
and I think the "busty Muppet girl" is must have in these episodes; surprised she wasn't used in the donkey Kong vs Mario episode.

I just found it hard to understand but then again I find all rap videos hard to understand.

Keep the spoofs comming!

I don't get the negative comments... I loved it .. really entertaining.

Well, this was the first VGT thing I have watched.
Man did it suck.

Yes, and to that Scott Chernoff Fella, I didn't watch it

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